Wednesday, April 8

Some Things I Love Continued.

Okay, so I'm not really going to make another giant list of things I enjoy. Though, I will say that the weather warm up has been a very welcomed thing, because I love to get out and get a daily game of tennis in. Tennis seems to have gotten a bad rap as a yuppy sport, but when you're as bad as I am, it's so hard! There's so much running and so much to learn about placement. These old, fat guys showed up on Saturday at the courts and they were amazing! They didn't even move an inch-- they would just smack the ball back and forth, over and over. I prefer my spastic, exhausting games any day.

Anyway, I have VERY, VERY special company coming in tomorrow, so blogland will be quiet for a bit. I did want to share one more thing I love:

Effunia makes THE CUTEST mushrooms, so how could one resist THE CUTEST tiny smiling mushrooms? I love them. Happy Easter-- hopefully I'm doing Hope's Easter pics today or tomorrow and I'll have a bit to share. xoxo Katie