Wednesday, April 22

Happy Earth Day!

I like Earth Day. It's a day where everyone at least pretends to love and take care of the earth, and there is a peacefulness. Turns out April 24th has been deemed Etsy Day. I will take part in this because A) I love Etsy B) I love holidays and C) Buying handmade is an important thing to encourage. So, great idea, Etsy. Can we have a Katie Day next? *I realize that technically my birthday is Katie Day, but if I had 2 magical days a year, that would be even better!

Oh, so... the point. Happy Earth Day. Let's encourage each other to take care of the planet we've been given, and seek out friends that can help us explore more ways (mine: Rebecca).

P.S. Thanks, thanks, thanks for all the zebra love! You all really made my day-- I LOVE feedback! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo


  1. I love Earth Day, too! AND I love you! I embroidered a onesie for a friend of mine's toddler today. It is a unicorn with a sparkly horn. I'll take a picture soon.

    Love and Kisses!!

  2. We (the Dutch) didn't had an Earth Day... but I wish we had.
    What a wonderful blue hair!