Wednesday, March 11

Here's the Notice

I'm sorry for the short amount of notice... the good news is that the SWAPPIES ARE IN THE SHOP! There is one bunny listed, though I have another cute one made (in the sweet yellow swiss dot fabric) and ready to be photographed. There will also be a wider variety of Swappies by the end of the week. I just realized how busy I'm about to get (weekend) and I wanted this taken care of. Thanks for all the Swappie love... I love you too! I will be sending out some Skunkboy Love in the form of a Swappie at the beginning of the week! xo


  1. omg, I can't believe how smart you are (:

    Where comes such brilliant ideas to make these cuties ? ^^

  2. I am so happy to see them! The bunny is my favorite.