Tuesday, March 24

You Make Me Feel Special

Dear Most Favorite Flea Market,

You make a good day better. I appreciate your vintage doll clothing selection that has magically appeared, as if just for me. You make me happy, you make my Blythe happy, and you make my camera happy. Here are some thank you pictures from my day yesterday:

After we left you, we went to the park for a very windy photo shoot and lots of running around. It was bliss. I will be back soon for more vintage goodness. Until then, stock up.

Love, Katie


  1. You make me want a pretty Blythe like Willa. Ahh! Don't do this to me! I'm already broke!!!! ;)

  2. I looove the last picture! It's so dreamy.

  3. Oh that sounds like fun. I miss you, best friend. Will you come see me soon?
    Love and Light

  4. ok, i'm not just saying this... those pictures look amazing with the texture on them... great job!

  5. love your blog... just found you! wish i could sew!! i want a Blythe too!! WHERE should i look? any tips?