Sunday, March 22

Slightly MIA...

Blogging has been a little hit and miss lately, partially because of being busy with shop stuff (thanks to everyone who has ordered swappies!) and partially because Missouri keeps teasing us with nice weather. This is really a horrible place to live, as far as temperature change and constant allergies go. Yesterday was rainy and cold, and today was amazing. We spent most of the day riding bikes, throwing the frisbee, and playing whiffle ball. Oh, whiffle ball. A couple of years ago we had this group of friends that we somehow bonded with over whiffle ball, and ever since then it's been a magical game. Most of those friends have even moved away, but the game lives on.

So, here's to you Amy, my dear, and you too Mike; my sunshine eskimo friend Justin; and especially you today, Christin. Happy Birthday and I love you.


  1. excellent song choice! you have the best tastes in music!

  2. Thanks, but that's not really fair... you know me!

  3. i have just finished lookin' at all of the AMAZING stuff that you have on ETSY, and i have to say... you are by far one of the most talented, creative artists i have come upon there...congrats to you, and i hope that you become rich and famous and stay as cool as you seem to be! adelia

  4. Wow, thank you so much, Adelia! That is so kind of you! I think you've made my week...