Saturday, March 28

My Week, the Blur

This week has been crazy. It seems like I'm saying this most weeks, these days. The nice weather has been amazing... oh, scratch that. Today it's supposed to snow. Have I mentioned how ridiculous this is? Anyway, the shop has been super busy AND I was doing a secret project that consumed me for days... I just couldn't get inspired by it. Unfortunately, I really can't even share until June or July or something. Sorry. I hate teasers.

We went back into the city this week to return Johnny's most recent vintage guitar purchase that really did end up being *too good to be true*. I acquired some banana yellow flats and a great skirt while I was there, so the trip was doubly enjoyable. Plus, the camera shop there let me know that my camera is mostly "unfixable" and I'm best off to buy a new one. So much for the new roller skates I was planning on buying. Tennis, you're just going to have to cut it for a bit longer...

Last night we did more recording in the studio, but mostly ended up goofing off and having wet toilet paper wad fights. It started with Hope, then escalated to whipping them up at the ceiling. Sometimes we are way too much like little kids. Hope would also bang on the door shouting, "Police, open up!" Then as soon as you would open the door she would run away. I don't think she entirely grasped the concept...

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend full of sunshine... mine will be dreary and cold, and a bit lonely. I'm waiting on my new Blythe to come in the mail, and my desperation is getting sadder and sadder (so melodramatic, right?). So, just so you aren't taking that seriously at all, I'm perfectly capable of keeping myself company, and I'm not at all dependent on a doll (though, lately when I'm out shooting pics of my Blythe people keep looking at me like I'm crazy). Do something lovely, I'll see you next week!

I first saw this on the Roadside Projects blog this week and I can't stop thinking about it. I wish it would be out sooner!

Oh, and if you watch the Office, please tell me you're going as nuts as I am! I feel like I'm being completely jerked around... what's going to happen?!!!! Anticipation is getting the best of me...


  1. OH I too can't wait for that movie! I have loved that book so many years... since I was a little girl! It looks AMAZING!!!

    I am hoping sunshine comes your way!

  2. I'm so excited for that movie! =]
    And I featured you on my blog =P I'm the person requesting the zebra in the next few days.

  3. your weather is sadly familiar here in MA, teasingly tantalizing one day, disppointingly rug pulling out the next. And I still have snow in my backyard. Im looking forward to the movie but more - the secret project revealed! I think I must have missed the previous reveal - did I?

  4. I know, I woke up to snow Saturday! SNOW! Today looks like it could be gorgeous... I'm off to play tennis!