Friday, March 13

Today I Listened to "Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness" Over and Over and Remembered Just How Great it is

Today was a grumpy/wonderful day. How does that even happen? Whenever I have too much going on at once I tend to stress... this leads to grumpy Katie, which, if you hadn't already guessed, is NO fun. So, my day went from "I'm sitting in my jammies fixing and conditioning Blythe hair", to "I'm stressing out because I have people coming over tonight and there's laundry everywhere", to taking a trip to the next town over, and finding some darling treasures. Once I was coaxed out of my funk, it was a good time.

I found this awesome lamp some time last year, but was completely unwilling to pay what the price tag wanted. When we went back today it was still there and the owner of the place was ready to see it go. This worked out well for me, being that I'm completely in love with it!

We also found a vintage pinball machine... not a full size one, but also not a mini one. It dings and keeps score and everything... well, it's just a ton of fun and completely addictive.

I found these two treasure last weekend when we went out of town to visit some friends. The antique store they took us to was completely amazing. There was an old wash bin full of vintage buttons (which Hope went crazy for) and the upstairs was all vintage toys and dolls. I felt like I was in heaven! I somehow only came home with this little red riding hood doll (who blinks... hee, hee!) and the vintage block K. I guess they were my very favorites... or, at least the only things I was willing to spend the money on...

These new friends are in the shop:

Hope loved the yellow bunny so much that she took her for show and tell this week. It completely warms my heart when she gets so excited about the animals that she wants to take them to school and show them off.

Well, I hope you all have another wonderful weekend, and you won't think I'm too much of a grumpy person. I think it's the sun... this morning it was peeking out and I got so motivated... then it went away and I just had another gray day on my hands. Come on, Missouri. It's time for Spring! In the meantime, I'll just have to work hard at dealing with it a little better (+ more treasure hunting)...


  1. I can't get over "Today" being in a Visa commercial though. :(

  2. I know! The whole time I was watching I was just thinking, "REALLY?!" It's sad...

  3. I went to that concert when I was 18 (wow, I'm really dating myself here). They put on a really good show. Your antiquing finds are so great. I really like that lamp. It's super unique.

  4. There's nothing like an afternoon in a quirky antique store to boost your spirits. :) Love your treasures!