Tuesday, March 31

Goodmorning, Little Gentleman

I typically don't post every time I make the front page of Etsy, but this morning I opened the homepage and found my owl Gentleman Swappie gracing the front page and had to share. He looks so handsome!

I know numbers don't really mean that much (except for a little pride and a little prize!), but I am about to hit 400 sales, and I'm super stoked-- I already know what my reward is! My newest Blythe (see pic below) has already left me for California (thank you SO MUCH Johnny!), where she is staying with a woman who will customize her and make her more beautiful than ever! I can't wait to get her back!

I hope your week is lovely so far! xo Katie


  1. Congrats on making the front page. You see you on there a lot:) I am sure you will make 400 sales in no time, your stuff is great! I only hope to have such great success some day:)

  2. Hey--I made that treasury! Good on BOTH of us! ;-)

  3. Congrats, Melissa! That's really great!