Friday, January 30

Yay a Stay!!!

I'm running out my door right now to go have dinner with my brother, but if you have time go here and read up. Yay, for a year at least, right?

Here's the new sweetie I promised:

She's made from linen and vintage fabric, and is new for Valentine's day. I'll have a shop update (with her included) very soon! Also, I she needs a name! I think I'm liking Pebbles for the penguin... I'm not entirely decided, though.


  1. Oh my... she is so darn adorable. I just may have to break my no spending pact.

  2. Oy, she's too sweet. How about Lily?

  3. YAY!!! although not sure... you are liking my name of Pebbles! tee hee.
    You're new little sweety is just precious and beyond lovely. I really think you deserve some extra recognition on a bigger scale somehow, your creations are amazing!

  4. She is so sweet and adorable! Perfect for Valentine's Day! I think I'm in love with her... :)
    maybe Samantha for a name.

  5. Another adorable creature! I may have to adopt her :)
    She looks like an Sophie to me.

  6. that's great news on the legislation... i wrote a very strongly worded letter using words straight from the thesaurus...