Tuesday, January 6

Oh, This Day!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I love today. It was a wonderful day-- I don't love getting older, but you can't ruin a birthday with numbers. You just roll with the punches and soak it all in. And that is exactly what I did.

The only unfortunate thing (which isn't all bad) that happened today was breaking into the LOAD of Polaroid film we got off of Craig's List, and realizing that it isn't all that fresh. Oh, well.

I'll share more tomorrow (hopefully). Opening the shop back up has been crazy, I may be busier now than before Christmas. Probably just a freak week... (fingers crossed)

Oh, yes... if anyone knows how to copy Etsy pages to paste to blogs and such, please let me know. I'm usually good at this stuff...


  1. hi there, i've just fallen in love with your creations and i guess i'm just in time to wish you a happy birthday too! hope this year is just fantastic and i'll be keeping my eye out for just the right creature for me to adopt.

  2. Hi!
    Happy late Birthday!

    I just saw your question about copying Etsy pages and I thought I'd offer my 2 cents -- are you asking about taking a screen capture? if so... on a mac you can press command(apple key)+shift+4 and you'll get a little crosshairs as the cursor and then you can click and drag to capture whatever you like on your screen and it saves to your desktop as "Picture 1" and soforth, then you can upload it to your blog or wherever you like. Not sure what it is on a PC...

    I hope this helps and it's what you're looking for! good luck!