Thursday, January 22

Ahhh, Makeup...

Isn't makeup remarkable? I mean, really. I've been sick... very, very sick... for two weeks now, and today is the first day in a long time that I don't feel entirely like an ogre. Put on a little mascara, some concealer on those gross purple under-eye circles, and on your splotchy red under-nose, and baby you've got a stew going (sorry, Arrested Development...). Point being, I look less like death, and at times today I feel less like death, so I've decided to shout the praises of makeup from the rooftop! Or, at least scare my family a little less...

My Valentines will be in the shop tomorrow right about 5 pm (central time). I'm hoping to generate a bit of money because in my misery I decided that buying slightly too many pieces of Free People clothing might make me feel better, so I did, and now I would like to give that chunk of $ back to Johnny who is, at the moment, in turmoil about a specific guitar he may (or may not) acquire. Not that that was a sales pitch. Please don't hear a sales pitch... I feel less than articulate at the moment and can't decide if I was indeed spewing out "feel sorry for me and buy my stuff" salesy things...

Oh, one more (self-promoting, ugh) tidbit, I finally made it to one those Etsy voting pools. For me this was, like, some sense of accomplishment for just a moment, because Katie and her super-sensitive wittle feewings have been crushed a time or two by NEVER, EVER MAKING A VOTING POOL (did I mention ever?). So, if you'd like to vote for me, you can and I will appreciate you immensely, but if you see someone else fit to win, I surely do not blame you. I love you just the same (and that is lots).

For now I will go, I should be doing sewing (as Lola would say it) so I can make my deadline for Valentine updates. Thank you for reading my ramblings today. Tomorrow I may read back over and feel very embarrassed about not being entirely coherent...


  1. i voted for your cute little owls yesterday... i hope you win. :)

    And I hope you feel better. being sicky is no fun at all.

  2. it's not like I'm stalking you or anything, but I just came across your baby jack in one of the etsy gift guides (the gifts for him, gift guide). I didn't know if you knew he was included or not... so I thought I would pass the info along. :)

  3. No, that's wonderful... and I don't think you're stalking me. I hope Baby Jack finds another good home because of it!