Tuesday, January 27

I Heart Snow days.

A snow day! Finally, finally, our first real snow of the year! I adore snow and being trapped at home... you know, the sledding and baking cookies, and drinking lots of tea. Plus, our mail lady brought me a sweet surprise. Bon Iver-- For Emma, Forever Ago. This is the perfect record for a snow day, and I completely wasn't expecting it because it's out of print on vinyl. Lucky me. Here's a glimpse of my day:

I must go upstairs now... I have lots of Mario Kart to play, and Amelie to watch. I'll see you tomorrow with a new friend!


  1. Looks like a really fun day! We have had so much snow here that I am getting tired of snow days! haha.

  2. My cat has the same "M" on her forehead, a lot of cats do, I like to believe it stands for "Mischief."

    I wish it would snow here. lol... not likely in the Tropics!

  3. Lucy is definitely synonymous with mischief. Though, since we had her declawed (please don't hate me!) she's been a lot more mellow.

    And yes, Amelie is one of the best movies ever!!! My mother gave it to me for my birthday (Jan. 6) and I still haven't gotten a chance to watch it again.

  4. Your day looks incredible. I'm banking for a snow day tomorrow (finger's crossed) and I hope my day resembles yours!