Monday, January 12

Pics From the Studio!

I've been working really hard on my studio, and, while it's not complete, I thought I'd share some photos.

My curtains showed up today and are lovely, now I'm waiting on a few pieces to complete my frame wall. The green garland is from my Christmas tree... I saw a video on one of the blogs I frequent (for the life of me I can't remember which one) about hand weaving, I did it, loved it, and decided it was too pretty to put away for a year. The same thing happened with the little Fern animal, he was an ornament but I couldn't part with him for a year. I think all of these items have a special little story, but I won't elaborate at this time. Maybe I'll save it for another post. I'll have more pics soon!


  1. this looks so lovely. i too have been trying desperately to clean out and organize my studio, but it seems never ending... I was so happy to see my little terrarium in your photo. i miss them all so much, its great to see them in a happy space :)

  2. Love all your little treasures!! Where did you get the adorable painting of the little girl? I love her!! Also, I don't think I have ever commented on you'r blog before, but, I love your creations and I tryong to deceide which one I should get. The one I really want isn't in your shop anymore:(

  3. had to kirtsy your was lovely.

  4. It really is so nice to have a place for my stuff. I feel like a "real" adult with a "real" business, as opposed to the girl who sews stuffed animals in her living room and never has people over because her house is overtaken with fabric.

    Oh, and thank you, Karey M. You know I always think you're lovely...

  5. Wow. You have inspired me to clean my mess up. Thank you. ;)