Friday, January 30

Bon Iver

I've also been talking about this performance non-stop. You should watch it through... I love it when artists take a chance on something different and it works out so beautifully.


  1. So good... Katie, you should listen to this (Bon Iver live at SXSW):

    If you don't already subscribe to this podcast (NPR All Songs Considered), you should check it out.

    Keep up the music posts!


  2. i was totally spoiled by their rendition of skinny love recorded by
    LaBlogotheque. i didn't want to go back to the record version.

    this one you shared is good too, but the one from lablogotheque is still my fav!

  3. i was going to say what angela said!
    i'm obsessed with bon iver. can't help myself.