Wednesday, October 5

Fall Days And Taking Breaks

Fall Days
The weather has changed here in Missouri-- helloooooooo, Fall-- and I've found myself taking an accidental break from blogging and most social media.  I am a chronic over-booker and I have a knack for keeping myself TOO busy.  I know this I have this tendency, but I keep accidentally doing the thing over and over.  Okay.  Maybe it isn't accidental.  Maybe it's something I've been super guilty of doing for a long time and I'm trying to work on it.  Remember that quote: "I can do anything but not everything"?  I'm still digesting that one.

Anyway, despite my kick-back when it comes to rushing the fall season, we've had many beautiful days that make me excited for the change of season.  We spend most of our Summer traveling for kid things or band shows or whatever, and it's just nice to feel HOME for a while.  One of the most beautiful things that has happened in the last couple of weeks is giving my 5 year-old a box and some markers.  This is the biggest reminder that beauty and imagination don't have to be complicated.  At all.  (Am I sappy enough for you right now?)

Fall Days Fall Days Fall Days Fall Days Fall Days 
Fall Days Poesy's been playing in this box for most of the week.  I love it.  I love her imagination.  I love that the sweetest things can be SO SIMPLE if you just stop and enjoy what's around you.  I'm learning as I go, as are most of us, and (at least for me) this was a good reminder to just push pause when you need to.  Enjoy what's around you.  There is simple beauty everywhere.


  1. Yes!!! Play her some Pippi Longstockings to further her pirate ship love!

  2. These kinds of pictures really make me wish my daughters were little again (sigh). My youngest is fourteen. I love her pirate ship and dolls. I'm happy you guys are just relaxing, enjoying fall, and living in the moment. I always enjoy your posts so much.

  3. Your words ring true fur me too. Learning to slow and enjoy the life I have including the simple things- often the best parts. Posey is gorgeous. Your photos trigger childhood memories of playing in boxes when I was young. They became everything from a car to a dolls bed, to a sanctuary. Love it 😀

  4. Hello Katie

    Your blog is as beautiful as you.

  5. Love Poseys fun, box fun is awesome