Wednesday, October 12

Our Dining Room

I had the best weekend ever hosting the weaving workshop with Rachel!  I plan to show you tons of pictures from the event, but first I thought I'd show you the dining room before the chaos of yarn and snacks and lovely ladies.  This space was one of the first to come together in our home.  I knew I wanted a cozy dining room to host dinners with friends, but also a space for our family to have ice cream parties and game nights!  Here's a peek at where I (basically) started:

photos by Elsie Larson for ABM photos by Elsie Larson for ABM
As you can see, I didn't have to do much to this room other than add furniture and art.  I liked the color on the walls and the fancy chandelier that Laura made fancier, so after all of the boxes were out of here, it was time to decorate!

eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-86 eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-50
I knew I wanted to get a larger table and set of chairs-- something that would fit the size and vibe of this room a little more than our last set.  That's when Craigslist is the handiest.  Your old stuff goes to a new home and you can use that money for things that work better in your space.

You can see we have the white built-in cabinets, but I needed a little more storage for extra appliances, flatware, etc.  I found the wooden hutch at a local flea market/antique store and it has been a great addition!  The pink cabinet I snagged when the old Red Velvet shop was closing down a couple of years ago.  It's perfect for my ever-growing skunk collection!

eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-56 Dining Room Details eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-84 eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-48 Dining Room Details eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-54 eliseabigailphotoskunkboyhouse-63
Photos by Elise Abigail Randolph

I adore this space in our home and it was perfect for hosting the craft gatherings this weekend!  I hope to do more in the future.  Bring on the dinner parties and fun gatherings!

Sources-- table: Amazon;  chairs: Amazon;  rug: Rugs USA;  hutch: Funtiques at Green Gallery;  bunny painting: thrifted/diy;  "Meh" embroidered hoop art: Cookoorikoo;  Most anything else was likely thrifted or given as gifts.  Feel free to ask about anything!


  1. I love the "Meh" embroidered hoop art, it caught my eye straight away!!


  2. I love it! Especially the blue rug- how lucky that the room was already the perfect canvas!

    Rebecca xx

    1. Right? I really don't love painting walls, so it was great that it was already ready for me to make it my own!

  3. First thoughts: I love that adorable picture of the girl (ballerina, maybe?) with the bunny head! Then I saw the rest of it and I'm in love with your style. I love all the personal touches and that cabinet is to die for. My Mom had a similar experience with a huge cabinet with her porcelain dolls when I was growing up. She got it from the thrift shop for practically nothing. It came with lighting, was huge, and the first thing guests saw when they opened the door. Your cabinet reminded me of that :) I love what you've done with the place. It looks so very "Skunkboyish" and like you!


    1. Thank you so much! My whole goal has been to make the home feel like "us" so that's a wonderful compliment!

  4. Absolutely love your dining room — so fun to get to see it in real life this weekend! You started with good bones to that room and it's super magical now, such a fun space.

    xoxo Ana,

  5. I love that hutch! It's so sweet.
    I love the idea of living in a house that was touched and improved upon by so many of my friends. Like having the chandelier that Laura worked on and all the other parts. I think that's so beautiful.

  6. super sweet xo may i ask where your fluffy curtains came from.. ~ warm wishes from prince edward island, canada x

    1. Yes! I forgot to include them-- they're from Urban Outfitters. :)

  7. Hi Katie, I love your dining room, you've just given me some cool ideas for my own dining room at home. Was looking at other posts from your blog and have to say that you're so lucky for having such a wonderful family. Cheers!. Jen -