Thursday, October 20

DIY Halloween Costume Round-Up

DIY Halloween DIY Halloween
Since I didn't quite make it to the family Halloween costumes again this year, I figured a roundup of some of my favorite DIY costumes was in order!

Remember these Goldilocks and the Three Bears costumes?  This was right when we had first moved to Springfield and I was working part time in the ABM studio.  They're one of my prouder DIYs.  :)

DIY Halloween
These Ragdoll costumes were from a time before there was even a Poesy.  What?!  I love costumes were you can raid your closet or the dress up box, throw in a little DIY element, and make it your own!

DIY Halloween DIY Halloween DIY Halloween
This family Pinocchio themed costume was probably my most involved.  I made my own dress, Hope's Figaro outfit and headband, Poesy's Pinocchio get-up, and Johnny's vest.  I really loved this family costume.  I'm so glad we have these beautiful photos to remember it... and the year Poesy chopped off all her hair and was the absolute BEST Pinocchio. :D

DIY Halloween DIY Halloween
Oh, the Bjork swan dress... another one of my favorites!  I made this specifically for a friend's elaborate Halloween party and it sure was a hit.  I still have this one hanging in my closet!

DIY Halloween DIY Halloween DIY Halloween
Last but not least, our Peter Pan and the Lost Boys costumes!  These were SO fun and pretty simple to pull together.  This was the first year I asked Johnny to REALLY dress up with us and it was perfect!  (I'm not really counting putting on a giant paper maché mask-- he let me put makeup on him and everything.  The boy looks good in mascara.  What can I say?)

I have more DIY costumes here, here, here, and here from over the years if you need some more dressing-up inspiration.  I'm in the process of working on a written DIY for the emoji costume for all of you moms who have emailed me about it!  For now, I'm off to sew!

P.S.  I can't wait until you see what Poesy has chosen for Halloween this year.  It's going to be amazing!


  1. Really cute. I love the Bjork swan one and the lost boys and pinocchio costumes best!

  2. Your costumes are the best, I clicked on the post as quickly as I could haha! Amazing!!

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