Monday, June 15

June Garden

June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden June Garden
I love documenting my garden this way.  Logging the things that are flourishing monthly is taking my "gardening season" from a warm-weather blur, to a journal with actual chapters.  This month, the blackberries are ripening, bell and banana peppers are starting to produce, and the cucumbers I planted from seed are flowering.  The sugar snap peas (which were also from seed) are popping up, and we have tiny green tomatoes.  There has been quite a bit of rain and my basil is still doing great outside, but it's been pretty hot so my cilantro is starting to bolt and flower.  Strawberries are no longer flourishing, and the jalapeños are beginning to bud.

All-in-all, June has been a pretty rewarding month as far as gardening is concerned!  I'm looking forward to logging my garden adventures in the coming months!  Happy Monday, friends!



  1. Oh, I can imagine that your garden makes you at the moment happy! I just came back from my garden after collection much too much slugs ...
    xx Rena
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  2. Those are some of the prettiest blackberries I've ever seen!

    I've been doing a weekly post on my garden progress - I love how every week I can see that things are really growing! From day-to-day the progress doesn't seem noticeable, but every week I take my photos and look back at the previous weeks pictures and realize how much things have grown.

  3. Yum! Nothing is more satisfying than fresh blackberries right off the vine, warm from the sun :)

  4. Wonderful pictures.
    I love your little green garden!

    Greetings & Love

  5. I love sugar snap peas! I would love to grow my own. Also, those blackberries are HUGE! Yum!

    Ashleigh x

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  6. Beautiful Photos --- I love your blog & posts --- Each & Everytime!

  7. Your garden is so lovely and it's making me wish for summer here in the south hem!

  8. ooh yum! and peppers look cute!

  9. those blackberries look amazing!

    xx nikki

  10. Everything looks amazing! This really makes me miss having a garden. But I'm just to busy this year...

    - Josephine

  11. looove this <3

  12. Everything looks incredible!Love the photos :)

    xx Skay

  13. Love the bell pepper pics. They look so yummy.


  14. looks delicious and had not thought about a trellis for "crawing" plants that's a great idea :)