Wednesday, April 29

Etsy Love

It's time for another round of Etsy Love!  Don't you just love these Sweetheart Patches by eradura?  I can think of about 10 people I'd like to give these to!

These secret message pills by CuteKitsch are almost too much for me to handle.  I think I need to leave little secret messages behind every time I visit someone's house!

I'm in love with this summery vintage Mexican blouse from MILKTEETHS.  This + cut offs would be my ultimate warm weather staple.

This mushroom figure backpack from MyLittleBelleville is cute AND functional.  My two favorite things!

My favorite breakfast right now is honey toast, so eating my toast on a sweet little toast plate by CharlotteMei sounds absolutely perfect!

I could spend hours and hours browsing Etsy for wonderful handmade and vintage goodies.  Have you found any amazing shops or items on Etsy lately?


  1. I'm in love with secret message pills an toast plate! So adorable!
    Recently I found a new shop on Etsy. I realise it's a different cup of tea to start with, but I thought it may be worth to share:
    Many kind regards xx

  2. Love all your picks. The toast plate is Ingenius.

  3. Hi Katie! I opened my own shop 3 months ago and I'm loving to be back on etsy and browsing it for hours too... so many talented people in and cute stuff in one place! My shop is called 'it's all bien'. Go take a look if you'd like!

  4. I love the toast plate and those secret message bills are so awesome!!!
    I'm really loving this pixelated heart quilt

  5. I've fallen in love with that bag...

  6. I love seeing your etsy posts! I have been an Etsy shopper for years and I love that I can find totally new, cool, and inspiring things every day. I love seeing what other people dig up too! Here are a few of my newest favorite shops: (& of course I had to post my shop too, I love crafting!)

  7. I love Etsy recommendations and these are so sweet. I fell in love with these ones; Octopurse - , TinyMeat - and The Spangled Maker -

    Hope that's not too much! :)

  8. That plate is simply adorable.

  9. for embroidery and Wes Anderson fans!

  10. That little toast plate is so cute! Loving these etsy shops! :)


  11. I thought that toast plate was actually a toast! Hahah so cute! And I love that smiley pills! <3