Thursday, April 2

Living Room Makeover + DIY

3D Sign DIY
Spring has officially sprung around these parts and I've been feeling super inspired to change up some things in our home.  It's time for bright colors and plants, plants, plants!  The first place I usually start when I'm ready for a change is our living room/mantle area.  It's easy to change the vibe of the whole room with a little rug switcheroo and a new mantle concept.  Today I'm teaming up with Canon USA to show you how I made this happy (giant) sign for a good little bit of springtime color!


*foam board (I used 3 boards for some extra color)
*tape and thumbtacks
*letters for any phrase you choose (I printed mine with my PIXMA iP8720)
*photo paper

3D Sign DIY 3D Sign DIY
Step One:  Design your letters on the computer, and print.  My PIXMA iP8720 continues to be my favorite printer for at-home crafts, because it prints up to 13"x19".  For a project like this, the larger scale is perfect!  I used a photo of some mums from last year to give my letters a nice planty/springy look.

3D Sign DIY
Step Two:  Cut out your letters with paper scissors or a rotary cutter.

3D Sign DIY
Step Three:  Once you have your letters trimmed, trace around them onto your cardstock and cut out.  This will be the back of your 3d letter.

3D Sign DIY 3D Sign DIY
Step Four:  Cut a long 2" strip of cardstock.  Tape all around the edge of your printed letter (try to hide the tape on the inside).  Once you have that 2" edge taped all around (you may need multiple strips to make it), tape the blank letter onto the back.

3D Sign DIY
Step Five:  When you make it through all of your letters, paint the foamboard and use the thumbtacks to mount your phrase.  I chose to leave my paint a little splotchy for some texture, but either way works great!

3D Sign DIY 3D Sign DIY 3D Sign DIY 3D Sign DIY
I absolutely LOVE the way this project turned out!  It took our living space from winter to spring in an afternoon.  Plus, the 3d letters are so fun in person.  They really make a statement.  (Hee, hee... I couldn't help myself).  xo.

**Sweet little skunk from Moon Revival Vintage.



  1. What a fun little project! I love how the letters pop out at you.


  2. Ahhh, I love this! I'm always in a bit of a funk about what to do with my mantel after the holiday decorations come down (even three months later!). This is a great springy way to bring some fresh greenery inside without having to worry about keeping plants alive for brown thumbs like myself. :)

  3. This is such a cute idea! I love how it adds so much to the room and can be changed easily throughout the year!


  4. This is a really cute idea - so fun to do and looks great!

  5. l love this, it is so pretty and fun, no pun intended ;)