Monday, April 27

A Weekend Well Spent

Spring Ballet
This weekend was nothing short of jam packed and wonderfully wonderful.  Typically after a weekend of multiple shows and juggling home life/work life, Mondays always feel like they've come too soon.  Fortunately, this past weekend was energizing (and exhausting) and extremely positive.  I love it when it works out that way.

The photo above is technically from Thursday, but I had the pleasure of taking the girls to the ballet to see Snow White.  We actually went to the dress rehearsal, since our weekend was booked, but we got dressed up any way and really enjoyed ourselves.

Road Trip The Mixtapes at Rock n Ribs The Mixtapes- Springfield, MO The Mixtapes- Springfield, MO
(Show photos by Brenna Stark)

Friday and Saturday looked like this.  The Mixtapes road tripped out of town for a show and stayed over night on Friday.  The next day, we went to thrift stores and explored the town, then rushed back home to get ready for a show in Springfield that evening.  By the time our set was over, we were ready to collapse and scarf pizza... which is exactly what we did.

Poesy playing "Mario Down the Drain" Lovely plants
Sunday was for getting the girls back from the grandparents and relaxing.  Poesy is newly into video games (she calls it "Mario Down the Drain") and it's pretty fun.  I remember that feeling as a kid-- waiting for the second your mom says it's okay to pull out the Nintendo.  Pure bliss.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Did you do anything exciting?  Did you spend your weekend relaxing?  I'd love to hear what you were up to!  xo.


  1. what a fun looking weekend!!

  2. weekend of laundry, furniture arranging and some naps in between! All with my family so.. great :)

    You rock Katie! <3 love from Spain

  3. Mario down the drain is probably the cutest thing I have ever heard. Glad you had such a fulfilling weekend!

  4. poe's little braids are so cute!

    xx nikki

  5. You ladies are so beautiful! I'm so inspired by you and your blog- while I know that it isn't easy, you've proved that you can have a family while still maintaining your creative pursuits! It's so nice to see someone embracing the things that make them happy, and being real about what it's like to juggle them all. You rule, Katie!

    Mary / Mostly Salty

  6. Love reading about your life. I think all the things you do with your girls is wonderful. It warms my heart! I was too busy working, etc to play with my kids. :-( Thankfully they have forgiven me and we spend a lot of time together just goofing off these days!

  7. What an awesome weekend Katie :).
    I cleaned and started sorted through boxes since I will be moving house soon. When I was clearing out a file I came across a photo of my dads dad and my dad birth certificate and school reports - it's was beautiful time out to look at them again since my dad passed away 21 years ago.

  8. These wonderfully wonderul weekends are great, aren't they? They might be full but so full with nice moments! But from time to time is nice to relax and do absolutely nothing (even though lying on your bed and watch endless episodes of your favourite show is not "nothing"!). And this is exactly what I did because I was so exhausted from a trip to Scotland (one of my best friends got married there. Scottish weddings, great experience)! If you ever get to go to Scotland, you should definetely visit Edinburgh.... magic place! Evanthia, xoxo

  9. A weekend spent with my housemate from uni exploring London and discovering Whole Foods for the first time!


  10. Looks like a fantastic weekend! Any chance of the Mixtapes coming over to the UK? :-)

  11. I love when weekends are exhausting but you get a lot accomplished :)
    you guys were super busy wow!
    I plan to get some sewing done and get some new drawings done I would be on top of the world if I could get some stuff crossed off my creative projects list :)

  12. It looks like you all had a wonderful weekend! I love the assortment of plants in the last photo!


  13. So nice to see that the Mixtapes is going well. God I wish I could play more.

    Anything on YouTube?

    much love from Paris!
    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  14. How fun and exciting to be in a band and perform on stage for people. Great photos.

    xoxo Sara