Tuesday, November 4

Passing On Traditions and BucketFeet

Fall Love
Man... I remember being a kid and eagerly anticipating that moment my mom would get all the leaves raked into one giant pile.  That first jump into the fluffy mound of leaves was one of the best parts about fall.  As an adult, I have a different kind of appreciation for fall (hot tea, knit hats, and baked apples), but I still love it as much as when I was much younger.  Being a sentimental so-and-so, I'm trying to pass that love on to my kiddos.  Sure, I'm not as good in the yard-work department as my mom was (I rake almost never), but spending time in the colorful outdoors is a must this time of year.

Fall Love Fall Things Fall Love Fall Love Fall Love Fall Things Fall Love
Outfit Details:
Katie-- Dress: c/o Emerging Thoughts;  Tights: ModCloth;  Hat: thrifted;  Shoes: c/o BucketFeet
Hope-- Sweater: gift;  Jeans: Target;  Shoes: c/o BucketFeet

I don't wear sneakers as often as I probably should-- it takes a pretty snazzy pair to get me excited.  Our shoes from BucketFeet are definitely in that "snazzy/get me excited about sneakers" category.  They have over 10,000 artists in 35 different countries designing their footwear.  You can find styles for women, men, and kiddos, and their backstory is pretty interesting, too.  You can read about it here and meet some of the designers here, if you're interested!  They are a really neat company!

**BucketFeet is offering the first 25 Skunkboy readers to make a purchase 25% off their order with the code SKUNKBOY25.  You can see some of my favorite styles in the photo above.  Dots, Delta, Fat Sugar, Jason Atienza

Happy November, friends!  I can't believe it's here already!  xo.

*This post was sponsored by BucketFeet but all opinions are my own.  


  1. Katie, this is such an adorable look. And the shoes!! Love em'! Hope your week is off to a terrific start + yay, happy November!! xoxo

  2. How wonderful that you teach your kiddies to love fall! The pictures here are so much fun and full of love <3
    Lovely greetings from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  3. Ahhh they are really awesome sneakers. Totally statement pieces.
    Love your hat!

  4. These pictures are beautiful! I'm sure Hope will treasure all the beautiful memories you've captured when she's grown up.

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Hope has great style, like her mother!! And the shoes are pretty cool! I took a look on their website and it's hard to pick just one pair...

  6. This reminds me of Gilmore Girls in the best way!

  7. I love these photos! I loved jumping in the leaves, but apartment living is ruining that at the moment! As soon as I can, I will be raking up the leaves to a big pile.


  8. I just impulse bought a pair! Your code helped me out so much, and I think my boyfriend's going to be stoked when I surprise him with them. Thanks Katie!

  9. Love it! Thanks for the code I just purchased a pair! I chose the black and white pineapple ones! Love reading about you and your kids so inspiring!!


  10. such cute pictures!! I was the same way when I was little. Always throwing leaves around and jumping in leaf piles...and now that I have a daughter I can do it all over again! haha! She gives me a reason to be a kid all over again! lol

  11. What a lovely thing to pass on, looks like so much fun!
    And I'll definitely be checking out those sneakers!

  12. i love fall too! it's so awesome to enjoy the season :)
    you girls are so cute in your coordinating purple outfits
    and those shoes are so fun in those awesome prints :)

  13. Hi Katie, thank you for the code! Somewhat early xmas shopping for me :) I got the adorable duckie ones for my handsome. He'll adore them for sure. Keep it up! Your posts have helped inspire me to start a blog - I'm looking forward to it's beginning.

  14. these photos are so so lovely :) traditions are so important, however small - either creating new ones or passing along the old.
    xo, cheyenne

  15. It is so adorable how You and Your daughter look like sisters. I swear this is really, really weird haha! But quite cute!
    And when it comes to traditions, I find Myself very taken by them. I didn't grow up with lots of them, unstable childhood and all, but I'm the mushy gushy emotional person that likes developing roots... So, I get it!