Friday, November 14

Snapshots: iPhone Edition

Life Snaps Life Snaps Life Snaps Life Snaps Life Snaps Life Snaps
**Lips sweater from Emerging Thoughts and Bob's Burgers and Simpsons pouches from Danny Brito's shop.

Friday, you're here again already???  It's been another crazy/good/weird/exhausting week, but I have the weekend off (what?!).  I'm taking a trip to see see an out of town friend, catch a Jenny Lewis show AND a Cotton Jones show, and do some serious vintage shopping.  It's going to be a really good weekend!  I hope you all get some relaxing in!  xo.  Katie


  1. I love your succulents in mugs!


  2. time is whizzing by too fast!!

  3. This looks like a lovely little week! How cute are those pouches...

    Sammy xo.

  4. sounds like a perfect weekend! hope it was fun :)

    xx nikki

  5. so fun! looks like you guys are staying busy :)
    I recently discovered Danny Brito on instagram, love his stuff :)

  6. How do you find the mermaid book? Almost bought it for a friend while i was shopping on mod cloth the other day! xoxo