Friday, November 28

Today Is Canceled, Go Back To Bed

I hope everyone celebrating had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!  We got to spend a lot of nice time with family yesterday, and we are taking most of today off to spend a little time just the four of us.  You won't find me out in the Black Friday shopping chaos, instead I plan to drink lots of tea (still sick, ugh), have a little dance party with the girls, and HOPEFULLY set up our Christmas tree.  This is the latest I've ever waited and I'm beyond ready!

Have a very happy weekend, friends!


  1. So sorry you are still sick, wish you will recover soon!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  2. Just recently found your blog & I am loving it!
    Happy Holiday Season!

  3. Haha hilarious pic - the kids look so cheeky! Hope you feel better soon xx

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  4. what a cute little fam!

    xx nikki

  5. I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I wish I could've slept on Black Friday. Nothing like a 10.5-hour shift, a 10-hour drive, a rehearsal dinner, and bowling hahaha :) Have a great week!
    ~ Samantha