Thursday, May 1

Family Portrait Challenge // 3 & 4

I realized I never posted our family portrait from March and now here we are in May!  The top photo is our April portrait and the bottom is our March portrait.  I think February is going to reign champ when it comes to my favorites for the year, but we shall see.  It will be fun to see changes each month in photos, even when they are subtle.  Take our little porch swing for example: here, I was in the process of painting it mint, until I decided that yeller is better.  We are so used to it being yellow that I hadn't even thought about that partial mint paint job.  I think physical changes in family members will occur the same way.

Don't forget about the disposable camera challenge!  I'm still shooting away, but this roll is definitely going to take me more than a month to get through.  It's not too late to start if you want to get on board!  Happy Thursday!  xo. Katie


  1. so so cute!


  2. the April portrait is so cute! You've got such a great family, thanks for setting such an awesome example!

  3. the february portrait is great, no doubt, but i think march takes the cake - it's so joyful!

    i love this monthly photo challenge. it's a great idea and like you said, will be interesting to follow the sutble changes as the family grows.

  4. These pictures are precious! I really want to do some sort of photography challenge, but kind of gave up on it for now with everything I have going on. I just couldn't keep up!

    feathers and ash

  5. I love the April portrait! It's so adorable and fun!


  6. This is so adorable! I just love this challenge to pieces.

  7. I love the photo of ya'll in the porch swing :)
    Yay for family togetherness!

  8. So adorable! These will be wonderful to look back on at the end of the year!


  9. We are a military family living apart for 2 years. This June we will be together again and I can't wait to partake in this genius Family Portrait challenge!

  10. I feel a 2015 calendar coming on...

  11. I love how creative yall are with these!!! So cute!

  12. This is such a great idea! You should display them all in a collage once the year is through. It'll be so interesting to see how you've all grown and changed.

    Maria xx