Thursday, May 15


These are just a few snaps from a really pretty day.  It's been cold here this week, and I've definitely been less motivated than when the sun is shining bright.  I don't know when I started becoming so dependent on sunshine, but when we have a few days in a row of gloom I just feel SO sleepy and sluggish.

*Poesy has become an extra sweet loving version of herself.  She's always wanting in on hugs, making pictures for everyone, and picking flowers.
*Like mother, like daugher, eh?  This picture had me cracking up when I saw it.
*Flower crowns
*Walking home from the market.
*More treasures from the littlest gal.

I finally finished my latest disposable camera, so I CAN'T WAIT to get that developed today!  Happy Thursday!


  1. O my gosh, I'm the same way! I've been so looking forward to may with it's warm weather, but now we are having record lows for May! We've still been getting a day or two of warmth a week, but nothing near what I was hoping for. And on cold days I've been feeling lazy and sick. :(

    You and your girls are just so sweet! Poesy's little flower crown is adorable.

  2. I'm right there with ya... so unmotivated and tired when the sun goes into hiding! And how I love your snaps - adore you & your family!! <3

  3. Dear Katie and everyone who read this: please PRAY FOR TURKEY. We are deeply shocked by the terrible mine accident at a coal mine in Soma, Manisa, in western Turkey. The latest death toll as of now is 282. Rescue efforts are still underway. It hurts. Please do not remain insensitive ... and please pray and share and tell everyone about it

  4. that second photo is definitely a keeper :)


  5. i love film... i can't wait to see what you share. i love your weekly snapshot posts... question, do you just carry around your camera with you always? when does that become easier, more natural?

  6. 1. That slightly furrowed brow. EXACTLY what my 3 year old does.
    2. Such a perfect moment captured here.

    Better weather always boosts my mood, creativity, and productivity. Gloomy days are fun for impromptu pjs-and-reruns-on-the-couch days, but I need as much sunshine as I can get!

  7. I'm just the opposite. I get sleepy and sluggish in hot sunny weather and super energetic in cooler cloudy weather. Pretty pictures! Love your backpack :)

  8. Hello Katie! Well, this is my first comment here although I've been reading your blog a while. I was looking at some older posts and I found snapshots with chocolate chip cookies recipe. And guess what I was doing at the moment? How bizarre! Btw I have to try your recipe as mine went really bad. Unless they're still yummy.
    That made me to leave you these few words.
    I think you're really inspiring, talented person and beautiful woman!
    Warm greetings from England xxx

  9. That picture of you and Hope is so sweet. That'll be something you're going to look back on and smile at, for sure!

  10. Oh that second picture is so great!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  11. lovely photos! and that one of you and hope with the same hand movement - so cute :).

  12. These pictures are so simple, but so warm:) I envy the weather in them - it looks like summer


  13. Love these pictures! So cute!


  14. Where are your shorts from? I love them!

  15. The photo of your daughter picking a flower is just adorable
    Faye |