Tuesday, May 27

Planning Ahead for Father's Day

I've been thoroughly enjoying our Family Portrait Challenge this year.  It's nice to have ACTUAL pictures of our WHOLE family (not just 2 or 3 of us) to share with friends and relatives.  My extended family hasn't had a full picture of my little family since, well... ever.  That's not true if you count the Christmas cards we sent out (late) last year.  ;)

Anyway, Father's Day is coming up, so this year the dads are getting these wood prints from InstaThis. We already have several in our home and love them, so I know the quality is good.  I'm thinking Johnny's dad will especially like that the woodgrain peeks through.  He appreciates little details like that.

InstaThis is running a pretty sweet Father's Day special right now.  You can get 35% off your order with the code INSTADAD35.  Also, our first round of wood prints with them were simply Instagram photos, so you don't have to have a bunch of high quality portraits laying around to have prints made.  The print of Poesy in her Mickey costume is one of my absolute favorite things ever and that was just a fuzzy IG pic.

Anyway, have you started thinking about Father's Day yet?  Johnny's already seen the wood prints (he's getting the bed flying kids one), so I have to think of something a little extra to throw in there.  After all, he is the best dad EVER.  xo.


  1. Did you delete the backgrounds to make the wood grain show through? Or does InstaThis automatically do that?

    Love them! And I think my Dad will too!

  2. what a cute idea!! i love these!



  3. thank you so much for these!! so perfect for father's day I just ordered one for my dad and one for my father-in-law <333 !

  4. Such a cute little gift! I love that the wood grain peeks through as well.


  5. What a cute idea! I'm a huge lover of original ways to display photos, but hadn't heard of InstaThis before. Thanks so much for sharing! Your family is just too adorable, and I love the photos you have in your home.
    On an unrelated note: I was so happy to see/listen to you talk about negativity on the ABM blog course. Internet trolls have always scared me a little. It's a sad reality that they exist, but it's reassuring to know how more seasoned bloggers deal with it.
    Plus, I loved hearing your voice! Fan girl over here. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it.

  6. This is such a beautiful idea! How cute! So many fun pictures can be captured on instagram, so I love the idea of printing and hanging them in the home! So fun!


  7. Can you please tell me where your shorts are from!? I've been looking for a pair like what you're wearing, but I can't find any that aren't TOO short. Thanks :)

  8. What a fantastic idea! I'm going to check out InstaThis for sure.

  9. Oh wow, I love these! I totally thought that was a record album cover (which would be cool) but I love this idea better :)

  10. what an awesome gift idea!!! the wood grain detail is awesome :)


  11. So lovely! Fathers day is not popular at all in Greece :(

  12. Love these! I'm already dreaming up places to hang some in my home :)