Wednesday, March 26

New Stuff on ABM!

(photos by Sarah Rhodes)
I have some new stuff up over on A Beautiful Mess, so I thought I'd share here as well!  I haven't stopped talky-talking about this Garden Box DIY since it went live yesterday, but I love it so much!  Even more than that, Poesy loves it so much.  Some of you saw a peek of it in her room tour from the other day-- now you can make your own if you want!

I did a post on making your own Dry Shampoo.  Hope said, "Are you gonna put that cinnamon in your hair?!"  Yep. I totally did.

I made a pattern for this traditional style rag doll.  Poesy is loving all of these kid's posts I'm doing lately.  "Is that for meeeeeee???  Aw, Mama, you are so nice."

A little bit of here, there, and everywhere, right?  If any of you ever make anything from my DIYs, I'd love to see! Please be sure to leave me a comment or Tweet at me or something!  I LOVE seeing photos on Instagram.  :)
Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. Katie! That garden box is an INCREDIBLE idea! I want to make one for my little cousins, they're gonna love it : )

  2. Oh my Katie - you've outdone yourself with this one!! Cutest stinking craft I've ever seen, and I get around. Such a sweet, clever, fun idea. Thanks for sharing! xox

  3. I must say, that DIY Garden Box is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  4. Very cute DIYs! I'm going to try out the dry shampoo ASAP and then I'm going to try and learn how to thread my super old sewing machine... :) Also, I absolutely love the dress you are wearing in your dry shampoo post! I was going to ask you where you got it, but then realized you were wearing it in a previous post! Perfect, because I have a modcloth gift card!

  5. I spontantly want to try homemade dry shampoo after reading ur post <3 nice tips xoxo

  6. I saw your fabulous garden box in Poesy's bedroom tour the other day and thought it was wonderful. So glad theres a DIY, my daughter would love it. Save's her digging the garden as she currently does!

  7. Awh I love that garden box so much! My little sister probably wouldn't play with it as nicely as Poesy seems to, but I might have to give it a try just because it's so darn cute!

  8. where do you get your felt for the garden box?

  9. so much cuteness! that garden box is just adorable!


  10. I love everything you create for ABM - where do you find the time with two kiddos!?

    Maria xx