Friday, February 17

Friday Favorites

Here's a little peek at what I've been loving lately! 

1.  This adorable DIY for mounted toy animals is so cute!  This looks like such a fun project to do with Hope!

2.  I've been shopping for pretty planners lately and I'm smitten with this one

 3.  This little necklace from Poppy and Fern is the loveliest!

4.  The amazing embroidery of Lucky JacksonThis one KILLLLLLLSSSSS me!

5.  This whimsical necklace found via WishWishWish.

Happy Friday, folks!  I can't believe the weekend is here already and I REALLY can't believe that it's time for a sponsor call!  Soooo... if you are interested in sponsoring for the month of March, please see my sponsor page or email  You know I'd love to have you.  <3

I'll talk a little more about my tattoo next week and show you the original design.  Thank you all for the positive feedback.  I always get nervous about that stuff for some reason.  Have a great weekend!
xoxo Katie


  1. those necklaces are just precious


  2. Ohh, the animal heads are so amazing - love! <3 And I am completely besotted with the Eagle vs Shark embroidery! Makes me have such NZ pride! Ha! : )

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  3. That first diy - idea was so cute and cool I had to save it to my Pinterest board ! :D So fun !

    Indie by Heart

  4. Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about eagle vs. shark!!! I have to go wath that again! Love those emboidered pieces....and that necklace is more than cute! Thanks for sharing

  5. I bought a Little Otsu planner for this year and LOVE it! If you get the Alpine Songs one let me know how it is. :]

  6. that poppy and fern necklace is darling! i'm going to take a look at their shop... (:

  7. I love number 3 the necklace! so gorgeous! xx

  8. I think I'm going to have to make the animal head one for my daughters new room. I think a collection of them would be fun. Maybe its a little strange for a nursery though? hmmm... I love that necklace too!!

  9. That planner and those necklaces are beyond adorable! And thanks for sharing that DIY, it might just be my weekend project.

    xo, Megan

  10. That necklace is so clever and sweet. I love it. Have a great weekend. Hope Poe feels better!


  11. The bubble wand necklace is hands down my favorite. Such a great find!


  12. Thanks, Katie! You made my day! :)

    Also, I'm loving that planner!


  13. That animal head DIY is hilarious and super cute. Can't wait to hear more about your new tattoo. I really love all of that color.

    ♥ sécia

  14. I've become a big fan of embroideries lately - eagle vs shark simply rokcs!

    staklene bombone

  15. I just bought the Alpine Songs planner a few days ago from the sale Little Otsu had. I'm super excited to use it!

  16. Just found your blog through Selective Potential, love it! Your tattoo is the post below is amazing!!

  17. 1 & 5 are my absolute favorites!!
    xo Heather

  18. Oh that weekly planner is just adorable... & I love that last necklace.

  19. That necklace from Poppy and Fern is so adorable!!


  20. love the bubble weand necklace! followed some links to find it! a wee bit expensive though!
    check this out!!

  21. love your style!!!
    Kiss from Venice!

  22. i am in love with that DIY idea! that is so stinkin cute :)

  23. The planner is super cute! I am so obsessed with planners and always have had such a hard time finding good ones that are actually visually appealing (which I think it extremely important for helping you to keep up with it, make it pretty to look at!)
    in the past few years, i've been scouring ebay for cute asian ones (because it seems that japanese and korean brands have amazing artistic planners and cute bright characters etc)... i usually have decent luck with the search terms "cute planner" or "kawaii planner", etc. you have a good one here, but if you ever have trouble finding cute ones in the future, that might help!

    i actually made some posts showing the past two i had if you wanted to see what i mean:
    (scroll down towards the middle, it's called "bonnie berry")

    (this whole entry is about what i just said here)