Tuesday, February 14

Happy, Happy Valentines!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day!  Ours was a little different this year.  Johnny and I had grand plans to go out and have a magical evening just the two of us, but everything changed at the last minute and we decided to have a party at home with the girlies.  We deemed the night the "feast of cheese" and stuffed ourselves with truly unhealthy things.  Hope hung up handmade decorations, we laughed a lot and colored Valentines for each other, and then ended the night playing a homemade board game that Hope made us and had been saving for 11 days.  It was so thoughtful and special... just like her.

The "everything changed" part was an unexpected out-of-town overnighter.  Miss Rachel's going away party was Monday night and (just my luck, seriously) it ended up snowing a bunch.  Rather than skipping the party, we just decided to make it down very slowly and stay overnight until it was clear to drive home.  I'll share more about the party soon, but I will say that it was a special and important last hang out for a while, and I'm so glad I didn't have to miss it.  When you have a group of amazing friends, it makes life that much sweeter.  I wouldn't trade those girls for anything.  (missed you so much, Holly!)

I hope your day of love was filled with plenty of it!  xoxo Katie


  1. Stumbling upon this blog and really enjoying it - glad to hear Valentine's Day was still a good time for you!

    xo Tori

  2. Awww your Hope is just the sweetest. I'm glad you Valentine's was wonderful :)
    Love and Turtledoves,

  3. Aww that is so sweet of Hope! I'm glad you enjoyed your night in, it sounds like you all had a blast!

    xo, Megan

  4. the fun meter is simply great! and very useful;) glad you had a good time. what you wrote about a wild bunch of good people around is so true. and crusial.

    staklene bombone

  5. Sounds like you had a fun night! I'm so excited that the Denbow fam is moving to Colorado - it will be fun to read her posts from nearby:)

    Stephanie May*

  6. so sweet, when i read "feast of cheese" i had such a craving for fancy cheeses, but have none. ;o; hahah, i will have to have my own feast of cheese soon..
    that's nice you got to go to the party, and it actually sounds more fun, doing it sleepover style. i know it was mostly out of convenience, but sleepovers are so nice. it's a sad thing that being an adult usually means no longer having sleepovers with your girl friends! they used to be some of my favorite bonding with friends times