Tuesday, February 7

Stepping Out of Your Box

I've been getting a lot of comments and emails lately that say the same basic thing:  "I wish I was brave enough to wear that."  or  "I wish I could pull that off."  Well, I'm here to encourage you, friends.  You can!  I'm not talking about getting everyone to wear the same things as I do, but to give you a virtual high five and maybe help you step out of your box.  Here are a few tips:

1.  STRETCH YOURSELF.  Do you ever find yourself stuck in a fashion rut?  We all do at some point.  It happens because we find things that we like and are comfortable in, and then we continue buying the same types of pieces in different colors... or, maybe even different pieces, but in the same colors (ahem... that would be RED for me).  Stretch yourself.  Find something that you really like that wouldn't be your typical "norm" and choose that over another piece that could've been pulled from your existing wardrobe.  It will help expand your (already interesting) style.

2.  WORK UP TO IT.  It is good to stretch ourselves, but sometimes it can be hard wearing something bold for the first time.  Work your way up to it.  Try wearing your bold new favorite around the house or to a familiar hangout at first.  Get comfortable and acquainted with it.  That way when you wear it, it can be a compliment to your most attractive accessory:  confidence.

3.  DO IT FOR YOU.  Is everyone going to like everything you wear all the time?  NO WAY.  We all have different tastes and opinions, and can't be expected to like all the same things all the time.  Who cares if what you are wearing gets a weird look from a stranger?  You aren't dressing for that stranger, you are dressing for YOU.  Wear things that make you happy (while still remaining appropriate, of course).  You'll be glad you did AND it will help that confidence shine!

I hope these tips are helpful!  I'd love to know your thoughts on the subject!  xoxo Katie


  1. These are such great tips - and ones that I needed to hear today too! I've been stuck in a jeans rut for TOO LONG! I'm ready to branch back out into the world of flowy dresses and pretty skirts. Thanks for the encouragement - maybe i'll do an outfit post soon to proove my bravery!

    xx Ashleigh

  2. I definitely need to get out of my fashion rut! Thanks for the tips!!


  3. I Definately think that what you say is true. I'm in a rut also and struggling with being in my late thirtys and finding my style that is age appropriate and won't embarasse my kids too much. Any tips on that? Subtle ways to add personal style to your basics to give them new life?

  4. Thanks for these! they really do help! I used to get comments like "I wish I could wear that" in high school but not since going to college. I should get back into it! also I love love love Devendra Banhart, good choice for Music Monday :)

  5. Thanks for the tips! I've been trying to "branch out" a little bit myself, but its been a little challenging to keep my weekday wardrobe interesting (I work in a stuffy office!). I've found adding a funky necklace helps perk up a normally boring outfit haha

    The weekends are another story! ;)

    Thanks again - your blog is always so inspiring!

  6. Ah yes, great tips! I love the freedom we have to stretch ourselves & our wardrobe

  7. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm off to play dress up now!

    Talia Christine

  8. Lovely post :) I'm currently (slowly) working my way out of my comfort zone and trying layers and bright colours.


  9. SOOoooOOO true!!! I'm a pretty rebellious dresser. In fact, sometimes my friends look at me and they're like "mmmm no." But you have to be confident enough with yourself and who you are to wear it.

    Sometimes if you see something that you THINK you could like but it might be too bold or crazy, just get it anyways! (I mean, we're talking thrifting small budget stuff here, haha.) Just go for it guys!!

    Great post lady. I always love your outfits. SOOOoooOOOoo inspirational

  10. GREAT TIPS! i tell myself these things all the time, and too, there are so many beautiful clothes in this world, that it would be a shame to not wear something just because someone looks at you differently. who knows?! the people looking may be longing to try something as cool as what you have on!
    funny that you posted this today! i put my brave face on and paired a print top with a print skirt; first timer for me! small print long sleeve top and a navy/white polka dot mid-mini skirt with a belt. i was a bit skeptical as i'm in college with younger people than me (i'm 29) but i just do my thing...you cannot waste your life worrying about other people :) now that i got that over with, what to brave next?...

  11. Lovely, practical and encouraging. Thanks for the boost!

  12. Inspiring post, Katie. 2012 is definitely the year for stepping outside of the fashion box. I mean, the world is supposed to end soon anyway, which is a perfect excuse to wear whatever you want as far as I'm concerned ;)


  13. Thank you for sharing this! I am always too afraid to wear bold patterns or prints, mainly because I think people will stare. But that shouldn't matter :]

  14. Those are such great tips...and ummm...your adorable! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  15. These are awesome tips :) I'm trying to be a little more adventurous with my wears lately. An ever critical mother does NOT help though! Its hard to be adventurous when the people you live with are constantly trying to reel you back in!


  16. "That way when you wear it, it can be a compliment to your most attractive accessory: confidence." Love that. Thank you for this post!


  17. These are really great tips - you hit the nail right on the head! Thanks for sharing!

  18. These are fantastic tips! Thank you!

  19. ah, i love the pic of the tights and shoes!


  20. Great tips! xo, rv


  21. my prob is i'm overweight...ug...so i often steer clear of patterns and bold things. help on how to dress someone who has 30 lbs baby fat to lose?

  22. Perfect advice, Katie! <3 I would definitely say to ease yourself into some of the wackier stuff! : )

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  23. This is a really great topic, I love what you have to say about confidence: I used to have a really really hard time stepping out of the "clothes" box--all of my clothes were grey and denim at one point. I had the same haircut for about...12 years...

    But in college the weirdest thing happened, people found out I was an artist and I got a free pass to wear whatever the heck I wanted. If an earring fell off, they'd think it was on purpose and make a comment on how cool they thought it was. Someone once said to me "You're an artist. Look at your cool hair! I wish I could wear hair like that!" referring to the worst cheap haircut I ever got.

    It was a huge lesson for me becoming confident with my looks--one that stretched way beyond clothes, but helped being more confident about my body and it's appearance. It's a good and very healthy exercise to become comfortable trying out wearing something different. Wish I knew that in high school.

  24. love the tips! I've recently started picking up vintage clothes and thrifting, and my style has infinitely changed. People are looking at me funny most days but I absolutely love stepping out of my comfort zone :)

  25. I totally have those same tights in that last shot and have yet to wear them! Just need to suck it up and try it!

    ♥ sécia

  26. Doing it for you, is the best suggestion. I use to feel very self conscious wearing anything other than jeans and t-shirts, because I thought people would look at me weird. But mixing patterns and colors comes naturally to me. I've really found that for every one person that looks at you like you are a lunatic, there are two that are envying your style. Plus the people that generally give me weird looks aren't so fashionable themselves :)

  27. this is a great helpful post! Thanks Katie!

    Im definitely working on bringing more fun things into my wardrobe its kinda fun!

  28. I did that this year with colour! I know it's sad that my wardrobe used to consist of black, white, and grey. Since having to wear black EVERYDAY to work for about two months last year, I lost my love of monochrome and suddenly the colours in my wardrobe are flourishing.

    Next, on to mixing patterns and textures!

  29. OMG, please tell me where that 2nd dress in the 'work up to it' picture is from. I do not wear dresses at ALL (I own one that is still hanging in my closet, never worn 5 years later), but I would rock that one every day of the year, I think.

  30. Wonderful and inspiring advice, Katie. You've reminded me that I need to put aside my qualms (and sometimes apathy), and step out in those amazing, fun outfits I have collecting dust in my closet that I really want to wear! For no other reason than...life is short, so do (and wear!) what you want to! I used to be more that way back in college, but sometimes you forget that awesome childlike attitude when you're faced with the "world of grownups" every day. Well, you've nudged me out of my rut. Bring on the yellow tights and violet dress today! :)


    Anna, a.k.a. The Library Faerie


  31. Love, LOVE these tips! I felt as if you were talking to me about wearing the same thing but in different colors. ..And although I know all of the tops you mentioned. Eep, I'm so guilty of doing it! I think we all need the reminder that wearing what YOU want will also help YOU live your best life! Thanks Katie!

  32. Thanks for the advice! I've been trying to dress up more often because I love feeling pretty and girly, but at times it can be really awkward because everyone else is always in jeans and sweatshirts. I get insecure and think that everyone must be thinking that I'm nuts for wearing skirts and dresses in the winter. But, like you said, I should be dressing for ME and to heck with what everybody else wears or thinks about what I'm wearing. Thanks for the extra vote of confidence!


  33. These are all great tips! I've been branching out more lately with my style and having so much fun with it! When I was in high school and college, I tended toward the mainstream clothes and would see people with their own style and think, "I'm not cool/cute enough to wear that". Now I realize that it's a lot more fun to not worry about what other people think!

  34. What great advice! I love how you dress!

  35. That is so inspirational. I really want to share this! I do tend to find my self not dressing for e coz im worried about what my peers will think (i am 13) however i reeeealllly like vintage, but i metion that to my friends and they give me weird looks.....ho hum......so i dress like them...........well i LOVE this. THANKYOU KATIE!!!! I LOVE your blog (espicaially the hair things. can you do more?!!!)

    oxox ;)

  36. First of all, If anyone doesn't like your style they are nuts! haha

    I dont know if you'll do this or not but I'll share it with you anyways! :]
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    Even if you don't I totally understand! Another blogger started this and it would be cool to see how far it goes, plus it helps out fellow bloggers.


  37. I just found your blog and this is the first post I'm reading....really great advice for busting a fashion rut! I wear the same stuff all the time, but I'm happiest that way! I can wear a favorite tank and jeans over and over until it needs washing....Still I could probably mix it up a little bit!

  38. Thank you for your inspiration. I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks, I couldn't wear that. :) I am going to wear something out of the box to an event this weekend. :)

  39. Just came across your blog and soo love it!
    Thank you for this wonderful post. Really nice tips!!

    Lücuma Volätil

    1. Agreed. Such good tips- especially the "do it for yourself" I have found myself in a new mom fashion rut recently. I needed this post for a little inspiration! Thank you!

  40. I just came across this blog and this is a really good post! Thanks for the advice. I def will try this. I stretched myself with a new burgundy headband with a bow on it that I LOVE, but am a little afraid that I can't pull it off. Not anymore!

  41. I found this post so inspiring because I have been branching out lately and this has helped me persevere.

    And i like the idea of wearing something bold somewhere you feel comfortable and to build up to it as when I wear something a bit different I always think everyone is staring at me thinking "what is she wearing!" but that is probably just me being rather narcissistic--in reality no-one has probably even noticed.

  42. Thanks for this post. I had my baby 6 months ago and I'm lucky if I get out of my track pants or my pajamas most days - SHHhhhh.. don't tell anyone! I love, LOVE, LOVE colour but even when I do get dressed I seem to always play it safe and wear black, grey and slate. Most of my house is decorated much the same. I am so bored with it!!!! This year I'm taking inspiration from your blog and going to be BOLD! I want to wear something that makes me H A P P Y :D xo

  43. Thank you! The "Do it for you" comment is why I wear vintage! I have such a different sense of style than my co-workers, and I know a lot of them "don't get" why I wear vintage. I do it for me. It makes me feel good, makes me feel like a woman, and makes me not quit my job at a moment's notice (I guess that could double as "makes me sane").