Monday, February 27

11 Things

My lovely friend Danielle from Sometimes Sweet tagged me in her 11 Things post, and while I usually skip out on these things for whatever reason, if Dani Hampton tags you for something, you do it!  ;) 

There are five rules:
1.  Post these rules.
2.  Post a picture of yourself and 11 random things.
3.  Answer the questions set for the original post.
4.  Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5.  Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

11 Random Things

1.  I have a super power.  It's a majorly heightened sense of smell at all times.  I hate it... unless something is on fire or melting.  Then it is handy.

2.  I love soft pretzels more than I could ever describe.  When we went to Disney World my only mission was to get a giant pretzel from Germany in Epcot.  Mission accomplished!

3.  I used to have a really hard time with finding shoes that I liked.  When I started figuring out what I liked to wear and how to pair things with different outfits the flood gates opened up.  Now my collection is outgrowing my bedroom and closet.

4.  I'm the unhealthiest healthy person ever.  I do my best to eat tons of vegetables and exercise regularly (and I really enjoy it), but if you give me the option to choose food for date night or a birthday and I will always choose a place with onion rings or cheese dip.

5.  I'm super competitive when it comes to board games... which is why I don't like to play the ones I'm bad at.  I do my best to keep it under raps, but sometimes I have raging fits over board games like a little kid.  It's so not cute.

6.  When I was a teenager I was convinced that I needed to move to Canada because I could play in the snow, wear lots of coats and watch Much Music all of the time.

7.  I think tennis is the most fun sport to play... even though the old ladies always make us look bad when we go.  ;)

8.  I love soft, fluffy kitties.  I wish we could have another one.

9.  I am married to an over-explainer, which has turned me into an under-explainer.

10.  I'm addicted to nostalgia... which also means I'm kind of a "memory hoarder".  I have boxes and boxes of old notes and trinkets and "meaningful" memorabilia in a storage unit.  And yes, I'm still collecting.  ;)

11.  I have a serious love of fishing.  Whenever we'd visit my dad growing up, he'd always take us fishing at his "lake house" (which was a little trailer parked by a lake in IL).  My grandma and grandpa had a pontoon boat called "Large Marge's Barge" and we'd go and spend our days fishing, swimming, and riding around in the boat.  My grandma is in the Guinness Book of World Records for largest fish (somewhere).  

Questions from Danielle:

1.  If money, schooling, or time was no obstacle, what career would you choose?
This might sound lame, but I'd choose to do what I'm doing now.  I would (and will someday) take it to a higher level, but I love sewing, creating, and blogging.  They are some of my very favorite things.  Johnny and I have also talked about opening a vintage guitar store.  I'd also like to maybe use a portion of the shop to offer coffee and treats and old school video games to the people tagging along with the guitar browsers.  I know how super fun standing around a vintage guitar shop listening to them talk can be.  ;)

2.  What's the one thing you look forward to everyday?
There are a ton of things, but one of my VERY favorites is getting Poesy up from her nap(s).  The way she laughs and smiles and says, "hhhhiiiiiiiiiiiii!" is one of the best things in the whole world.

3. What's your number one, all-time, favorite blog?
This is bad because I'm a blogger, but I don't have one.  There are so many different types of blogs, and maybe I don't always feel like reading a crafty blog or a fashion blog or a lifestyle blog.  That's the beauty of the blog world, there's something to feed every need.  I love too many to say just one!

4.  Biggest online pet peeve?
Wellll... for me it's bloggers complaining about other bloggers.  I don't understand why we have to be so concerned with how certain people are choosing to blog, or who gets to be the authority on what's the RIGHT way to blog and what's the WRONG way.  I enjoy different blogs for hundreds of different reasons, but I never enjoy a negative post or tweet about how "this is wrong".  Do your thing and if you don't like the way someone blogs, don't read their blog.  I think it's as simple as that.  Choose encouragement over negativity EVERY DAY.

5.  What is your all-time, favorite book?  
Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut.  We are pretty big Vonnegut fans in this house.

6.  What would your "last meal" be?
Onion rings.  Cheese dip.  Fries.  Oh, and there had better be some cherry-apricot pie.

7.  Do you believe in love at first sight?
It's a romantic thought, but I don't believe in it.  Love is amazing and wonderful and fun, but it is also a lot of work.  You know when your mom or sister tells you "love is a choice, not a feeling"-- it can be annoying, but it is true.  The butterflies and crushes can fade, and when the newness and excitement have diminished, hopefully you have a partner and a friend to go the distance with.  That's not to say that love and relationships don't stay fun and exciting.  They can and do.  They just change shape a little bit.

8.  What would your ideal Sunday morning consist of?
Sleeping in and then going out for breakfast/brunch.  Those are two of my very, very favorite things.

9.  Why do you blog?  
I blog for tons of reasons.  I love to connect with other people.  I love to document what's going on in my life.  I like to share my work.  I think that my family has perspective to offer and perspective to gain.  I enjoy doing crafts.  I really love putting together outfits and having photoshoots.  I think there are some very deep reasons I blog and some super shallow reasons I blog.  I love them equally.  :)

10.  If you had to choose one color to pick forever, what would you pick?
Easy:  RED.

11.  What is your all-time favorite band?
My all-time favorite band is the Cardigans.  First Band on the Moon in junior high/high school was my favorite and Long Gone Before Daylight is my favorite album as an adult.  I love them.

Questions for the ladies I will be tagging:
1.  Do you drink coffee and if you do, why did you start?
2.  What is the most important quality you look for in a friend?
3.  What was your #1 favorite toy when you were young (K-4th)?
4.  Do you prefer sunshine or rain?
5.  What movie can you watch over and over and never get sick of?
6.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
7.  Skype:  is it more awesome or more awkward?
8.  Who is your favorite band and what were you doing when you discovered them?
9.  Cats or dogs?  (and don't say one is dumb and the other is great)
10.  What's your favorite thing to collect?
11.  What is your favorite breakfast food?

Okay, so now I'm tagging Vanessa, Tieka, Diana, Katie, Abi, Holly, and Thursday.  I'm also tagging the first 5 people who comment on this post.  Tag!

Alright, now I'm off to get some work done and to neverdoanotheroneoftheseeveragain.  xoxo Katie


  1. I agree with you on your online pet peeve!! And I really love tennis too!! PS Your last meal sounds delicious!! :)

  2. Wow, I never really thought of "memory-hoarder" and how adequately that describes me. I hold on to anything that is a remembrance of something I'm afraid to forget. Usually just notes, bottle caps, photographs and such, but still. . . I understand that ALL too well!

  3. How fun! I did something similar except I didn't ask other people questions, I just talked about myself. Your seems more interesting lol =)

    - Sarah

  4. I really like your blog! It always brings a smile on my face <3

  5. I want to try! I might have to do this, even if I'm not number five.

  6. i love pretzels too - and the pretzels from germany in epcot are AMAZING! yes!

    i have a competitive edge as well that makes board games hard as well. and video games. i've broken a few controllers/headsets from frustration. my husband then yells at me for not being able to control myself.

    i agree with you about the blogging - it really should be a good, positive community. i have a friend's whose fashion/lifestyle blog was mocked by another girl in our home city, and it made a huge wave of things happen that was just terrible. it made me want to hide from things because it was just so vindictive.

    i'd go for onion rings in my last meal too, or at least something onion related.

  7. so close! number 6. might participate anyway!

  8. Wait, isn't that supposed to be 11 questions?

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  11. Chocolate covered pretzels are my downfall in life! They will be the undoing of me.Rx

  12. I love reading random facts like these! What a fun post!
    Fang Ting

  13. Oh my goodness! So many similarities between you and me. :) I'm an unhealthy healthy person, too. I try to be careful with my daily food choices and I'm a pretty consistent exerciser... but when it's time to splurge I want all the fatty, heart attack foods! And you are so wise on love. I'm not married yet, but all the couples I admire most say what you do.
    xo Alanna

  14. I would totally come to your vintage guitar shop and play nintendo :) And, it's fun to know you're a Vonnegut fan! I really love Sirens of Titan.

  15. I love this Katie! I have been reading your blog for a while and it's so fun to hear these little interesting things about you!:)

  16. OMG the board games! I am the same way! I won't play the games I'm not good at and Lord help you if I catch you cheating. HA!

  17. I really enjoyed learning a random thing or two about you, Katie! I really like what you had to say about negativity in the blogosphere. I love that everyone expresses themselves, even if we don't see eye-to-eye. My parents always told me, You have two ears + one mouth for a reason. Listening, even if it means reading a blog, is important. Putting yourself out there for the world to see is a big thing, at least to me. Positivity is contagious.

    I also filled this out on my page. If you have a moment, read it! Enjoy the rest of your week. :)


  18. "6. When I was a teenager I was convinced that I needed to move to Canada because I could play in the snow, wear lots of coats and watch Much Music all of the time."

    That was my life growing up haha.

    I love these posts though. It's fun finding out facts like these.
    xo Jen

  19. my boyfriend is an over-explainer, too! and yes, it really does make the significant other an under-explainer!
    and onion rings...always!!

  20. I don't even know where to begin! I LOVED reading this. And love you! I'm so happy you filled it out! :) :)

  21. really creative questions you came up with. thought provoking! i'm impressed! mine would have been super dumb and cheesy. haha

  22. That was such a fun read!! And I am totally with you on 1, 9 and 11! But I must admit, the Supernose really struggles on the fishing trips :( haha.

  23. Ps - Kurt Vonnegut fan all the way, too! "Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt" - love.

  24. This is such a fun post! Love your 11 things and the questions are great! I love your blog. Discovered it after reading a few posts on A Beautiful Mess and i'm a loyal reader ever since :)

    xx Sari

  25. I am a memory hoarder too! I have box full of old cinema tickets;photos; letters; birthday cards; deflated baloons; corks; dried rose here and there. I try and get rid of stuff so often but all that happens is I spend hours re-reading everything and getting teary.

    Loved this post!

  26. Ha! I'm a total over-explainer. I love that you did 11 Random Things- my favorite number. I'm also a memory hoarder. I go through my memories every few years and only part with the things that no longer hold meaning- which aren't many! Mmm, brunch is my favorite. Especially on a lonely, rainy day, or sitting outside on a sunny, cheery day. Or any day, really. ;)

  27. Love the term 'memory hoarder'. Like some of the other commenters, I'm one, too. And it's such a perfect description!
    Fun to learn more about you!
    x Katherine

  28. Doing these 11 questions are so fun! :) and thanks for the term memory hoarder, that definitely describes me!! I made my way over from Dani's blog and wanted to say hey!

  29. ugh, I have such a weakness for unhealthy food! one of my all-time favourite meals is a cheeseburger, fries, and a giant chocolate milkshake. I love vegetarian food too, but sometimes you just need a big helping of deep-fried goodness! haha

  30. love the rolls!! rolls can be good eh? :) :)

  31. Ha! I always say the same about my sense of smell, it's my superpower. My husband calls it my dog's nose, and it often drives him crazy when I complain about smells he doesn't even notice.

    And my eyes and ears are a few of my other superpower tools!

  32. Slapstick was my first (& favorite) Vonnegut book! and i've been a fan ever since! ooh, this makes me want to re-read it!

    & i also completely agree with your online pet peeve about bloggers. it reveals the mean-spiritedness in a person. isn't blogging in the first place a PERSONAL thing, anyway? geez louise.

  33. Love your shade of blusher and love that top!

  34. I love fishing too and used to fish with my brothers and dad. It is really fun and relaxing, right? More women should fish! I can't wait to start teaching my sons to fish. I laughed about the under/over-ex-plainer question.