Friday, November 21

A Smidge of Randomness...

As I get through yet another month feeling schizophrenic, I thought I'd share some of the things that have occupied bits of my time.

Lots and lots of ornaments. Surprisingly, I'm not sick of making them. I actually really enjoy it.

A very fun pair of owls I got to make as a custom order. They turned out so cute in person, if only my pictures were better... (in my defense, Blogger has been loading my photos in very dull and hazy)

This dress. Oh, this dress. It's funny the way you may hear a tidbit about a designer or artist, and then all of a sudden it blows up around the blogs and it's all you hear about. I kind of feel this way about Dear Creatures. I found this dress a while back, and now I can't stop hearing about this clothing line and it's designer... which I absolutely am not complaining about. I LOVE this dress, and am the proud new owner. It's even more beautiful in person. The fabric, the styling, everything about it. So, my day is made. Now I'm going to get dressed.


  1. Oh how perfect my little owl couple is!
    i absolutely cant wait to see them in person! thanks so much for all of your hard work!

    best wishes

  2. Look at how cute all your ornaments are. I would do anything to have that group knock on my door and sing me "Jingle Bells".

  3. OMG. Thats the best way to describe your shop and these photos. They are so scrumpiciously adorable!!! Im just wishing I could afford one right now!:)