Sunday, November 2

I'm Back!

This week really has been nuts. I'm almost finished with my orders... they should've been done by now, but there seemed to be many, many piano ordeals this weekend, on top of everything else. In the end, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to get my shop back up and running... it has seemed so sad having it down. So, I'm back, shop's back, all is well. Here's a recap of my week:

Sew, sew, sew, record, record, record (actually most of my recording was done last night), parent/teacher conference (what? My kid is big enough for this?!), play music at yet another wedding, and HALLOWEEN.

Halloween was fun... a busy day none-the-less. Hope was out of school so we made orange cupcakes with green cream cheese icing-- her choice, we quickly cleaned so we could have people over, then we got her all dressed for the big night.

Hope might be one of the most particular kids in existence, so finding the perfect costume so she could be the exact butterfly out of these specific chapter books that she's into was quite challenging. She ended up having to compromise, but she looked as cute as could be, and when the day arrived she didn't really care what she was wearing at all. The only things that mattered: running everywhere, eating an abundance of candy, and salvaging the rest of her fingernail after a major crash and burn on the sidewalk.

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  1. omg- hope is gorgeous! glad to hear you're back up and running.