Monday, November 10

Farewell Little Friends...

I've been busy, busy since I started posting my little Snowbuddy ornaments last week. If you've ordered one, it's one it's way! Here's a batch I shipped out today:

Also, here are the additional pictures of my Christmas Deer, as promised:

I think I'll post two for sale in the shop on Friday, so if you'd like to get one, that will be the time to do so.


  1. ooooh- i wish that little amry of adorable was coming to my house...

  2. You must be crazy busy with all the orders flowing. I better get my order in soon. But I can't decide on which one. Henrietta, Frank, Camille, or should I get into the holiday spirit and go with this cute deer or ornaments. My goodness. If my company wasn't going through layoffs I would get more than one. But I guess I can always add to my collection next year.