Wednesday, November 12

Mmmm... Apples...

I hate it when I'm following a blog, but the person running it never (rarely) updates. So, I suppose this is my attempt at updating, though I don't have much to say.

Yesterday I received my dream coat. Though, in person it was not that at all. It was too big and too frumpy, and the color wasn't at all the same as the online picture. So, that's that, mattress man. Maybe it's my brain refusing to like it, because wearing something on my body that costs that much is more than just a little wasteful. Whatever the case, I'm not keeping it.

In happier news, I did find my Christmas tree. I didn't end up with a white one after all. It's a champagne colored tinsel tree and it is lovely. Hope and I are going to set it up on Sunday (yay!).

Yesterday was baking day. Our fruit market was closing for the season, so we stocked up on apples. Last night we made homemade applesauce, filled our bellies, and then followed that with baking wonderful apple pie, and stuffed ourselves. All in all, it was a fantastic night. I mean, you can't really go wrong with homemade goodness.

I must go back upstairs and do some work... I do have plenty to keep me busy. If you are planning to order from the shop, the sooner the better. I am getting very backed up, and I see it only getting worse before it gets better. Hmmm... I think I hear some apple pie calling... better go for now!


  1. eek. i've been bad about updating this week...i just've been in a quiet mood!

    but i am glad you updated. god, these little creatures are beautiful.

  2. Omg that coat looks gorgeous in the picture, the colour and ruffled sleeve. Such a shame it wasn't like the piccie :( I hate online shopping for that reason - and I keep buying online (I never learn)