Monday, November 3

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas... Tree?

Last year I found the perfect Christmas tree. It was white. I've never been attracted to white Christmas trees before, but this one was found at a flea market and appeared to be quite old. The branches were sparse and the color was more cream than white. I passed on it that day, because we had no way of hauling it home. I procrastinated for a day, and when I called (after OBSESSING) to secure it, they let me know that someone else had bought it.

Tomorrow I am breaking from work, work, work to go flea marketing. I hope to find a white (ish) tree similar to that one. *Wish me luck!!!

In other Christmasy news, I popped over to the Studio Jessi blog, and read that her super adorable, quirky St. Nicholas dolls are about to be posted for sale. I'm really hoping to nab one of these. Her dolls are much different than anything else I've found, and I really enjoy them.

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