Wednesday, January 11

Who Wants Bonus Projects?

Infinity Scarf Table Runner via Sew With Us Ecourse
Hooray for bonus projects!  Rachel and I just just added two SIMPLE projects to our Sew With Us ecourse-- a simple infinity scarf tutorial and an easy table runner tutorial!  If you aren't familiar with Sew With Us, basically it's a learn-at-your-own-pace ecourse.  It is designed to teach basic sewing skills such as threading your machine and straight stitches, all the way up to designing your own clothing patterns and installing buttonholes, zippers, etc.  We want to take the intimidation out of sewing with simple projects for home and fashion!  Here are some examples of projects:

Sew With Us
*Simple maxi skirt with elastic waist

Sew With Us Projects
*Learn to sew on a curve and add piping

Sew With Us
*Sew a half apron with pockets

Sew With Us Projects
*Sew a pyramid bean bag

Sew With Us*Sew a blouse with an exposed zipper

There are lots more projects, but these are just a few examples.  Rachel and I poured a lot of ourselves into this ecourse (which you've probably heard me talk about in the past) and I'm happy to share our bonus projects with you guys!  If you've already purchased the ecourse, the new tutorials are in there waiting for you.  If you'd like to learn a little more about our class, just click right here!

Happy stitching, friends!


  1. The blouse is the cutest thing I've seen so far this year. Congratulations on the e-course, sounds like a fab project

    Amy |

  2. I have always been interested in sewing but don't dare buy a machine because I'm clueless. All I've ever done is fix some fallen hems and sew buttons back on after falling off. If I got a machine, do you think I could attempt this?