Friday, January 27

Be Our Valentine!

I don't know if you're a Valentine's Day lover or not, but I do know that spreading joy and love is great any day of the year!  I'm partnering up with one of my very favorite clubs, The Crybaby Club, to do just that!  If you'd like to receive a valentine from me or one of these other fantastic women, check out their blog and sign up!  This is time sensitive, so if you're into it, don't wait!  I hope to send out lots of valentines magic!  xo.


  1. Aw, this is seriously the cutest! Love sending out a little V- day love my to my gals... it's such a fun day! Off to sign up!! xo

  2. I love these things! I signed up for this one, but I wanted to clarify - is it just valentines, or little gifts or...what?

    1. I think it's whatever your assigned partner wants to send! I've received small gifts and cards from my partners so far!