Tuesday, February 10

Weekend Getaways

Weekend Getaway
Johnny and I had a rare weekend off from playing shows with the band this weekend, so we packed as much fun in as we could.  Friday night we had some wonderful friends over for pizza and game night.  Saturday, we spent every last moment we could out in the sunshine with the girls.  The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny, and was the perfect treat in the middle of winter here in the MidWest.  Johnny and I had the opportunity to get away on Sunday and part of Monday, so we dropped the girls with the grandparents and road tripped to St. Louis.  Here are some highlights.

Weekend Getaway Weekend Getaway Weekend Getaway St. Louis Getaway Weekend Getaway Weekend Getaway Weekend Getaway Weekend Getaway St. Louis Getaway Weekend Getaway Weekend Getaway
My family is from St. Louis, so we know our way around pretty well.  We ate a TON of food (of course- that's what traveling is about!), did some shopping, went bowling, and just enjoyed not having anywhere to be for a couple of days.  I called this a "makeup anniversary trip" since we canceled ours in December due to hectic schedules, but the truth is, you shouldn't need an excuse to make time for weekend getaways or day dates.  One-on-one time is important.  Oh, and being able to have a conversation without interruption is priceless.  xo.


  1. My husband and I just tried Mission Taco last week. It's so great!

  2. Ah such lovely pictures, it looks like you had a fab weekend! I love spontaneous getaways - they definitely beat planned anniversary type deals. xx

    Abby | Eärendil

  3. this is so cute! love getting away :)

    xx nikki

  4. Ohh, so fun! It looks like you had a blast! BTW, you two earn the cutest couple award :)

    Circus & Bloom

  5. Looks like ya'll had a great weekend getaway! There's nothing better than just taking off and exploring on the weekends.

  6. So cute :) Love the couple mirror selfie, we have quite a few of those that I never think to post! We were gifted a weekend away by my in-laws for christmas and it will be our first one since our daughter was born. Getting really excited.

  7. Yummy! The food looks fantastic, seems like you had a great time over there :-)

  8. that picture of you and J...the best!
    i love it!!!
    happy (belated) anniversary!

  9. ...and now I have to go to Mission Taco. Glad you had fun in STL, always nice when people visit our fair city.

  10. So happy to hear you ended up getting some well-deserved time just the two of you! Looks like a fun - and delicious - weekend!!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  11. sounds fun. Definitely, weekend getaways are the bomb and you should do them 4 times a month.

    you guys are a beautiful couple.
    Would love to know how all your shows have been going xx

    much love from paris,
    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  12. Omg, i'm a sucker for mexican food. Looks amazing!

  13. looks so fun! i can't wait until the next time i can get away for a couple days!

  14. You guys are "two" cute. Happy Valentine's Day!


  15. Beautiful time away together for you guys. So true it's important to prioritize time together. My hubby and I try to do something together every week even if it's just a coffee together or going to the gym together. It's so nice to spend time together uninterrupted. :)