Tuesday, February 17

Weekly Wears: Can U Not

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Our Valentines Day was nothing really to speak of this year-- we drove 5 hours to Oklahoma for a gymnastics meet.  Somehow the updated info on the meet never made it to us, so we went to the wrong place for the competition.  Once we figured out we needed to be in another city about 30 minutes away, we high-tailed it to that convention center, crossing our fingers we wouldn't be so late that Hope got scratched.  She did end up making it (barely) and we spent the rest of the day sitting on the concrete floor, watching the girls compete.  It was a stressful/long day, but we did get to finish it out eating at Evil Empire pizza in OKC (and enjoying a much deserved beer) and picking up pie before our 5 hour trek home.  It was a weird weekend, but it made me extra thankful for the super time Johnny and I had the weekend before.

Dress: c/o Black Swan;  Tights: ModCloth;  Clutch: gift;  Necklace: Danny Brito;  Clogs: Lotta From Stockholm;  Coat: Family Affairs via Emerging Thoughts (last year)

Right now we're enjoying a bit of snow over here in Missouri.  I've actually been really hoping for some, so now I'm going to get off this computer and go outside to enjoy it!  xo.


  1. This is so fun, you look stunning Katie x

  2. Ah you are a total babe, love your hair! xx


  3. I love everything but the necklace is amazing!!!

  4. Your hair and your coat look so fabulous!! And remind me of the Spice Girls. Please take that as a compliment - I absolutely mean it in the best way.

    Sorry to hear that your weekend got off to a bit of a stressful start, but any day that ends with pizza is a good one in my book. :)

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  5. i love that dress, and it looks incredible paired with the tights! also, that necklace is so cute, ha:-) and hopefully the pizza+beer+pie made up for the earlier stressfulness! xx

  6. I'm so glad you made it! It would have been so disappointing to miss and have Hope unable to participate.
    Your purse is so adorable!
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  7. you accessories game is always spot on

  8. Love love love the black with the bursts of color! You're rockin' it!
    ~ Samantha

  9. Very cool outfit, lady. Love those tights... I've realized that I can't wear weird tights because I have no simple skirts or dresses, so it would be weird + weird and just too out there.. haha.
    that coat... looks. so. comfy.

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  10. Such a gorgeous outfit Katie! Love everything. Fab jacket and bag! :)

    Ashleigh |

  11. Love this outfit! That dress and tights combo is perfect!

  12. that clutch is seriously adorable. love it!

  13. It's crazy how good the tights and dress look together. I love the wrap print. The bag is so unique.
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