Thursday, February 12


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These are some life snaps from the last couple of weeks.  Being at the tail-end of a large project is both exciting and all-consuming.

**New favorite candle: Unicorn Puke
**A rare lazy day with the girls spent watching movies.
**Pizza reward for literally staying up all night to finish a project before a shoot the next day.
**Poesy as Rapunzel.
**Editing photos at a coffee shop means treating yourself to delicious things.

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**Belated bday gift from my friend Lauren.  Check out Emerging Thoughts if you haven't.  It's one of my favorites.
**The Mixtapes played the Shrine Mosque in our town a couple of weeks ago and I went exploring before sound check.
**Super giant pepper.
**Hope's into Harry Potter right now and all she wants to do is read.  She's almost done with the 5th book, I think.
**Whenever Poe gets out of the bath, she requests a towel on her head "like you, Mama".

I hope you're having a great week so far!  xo.


  1. Unicorn puke? Haha, wow! I love those skunks and the kitty ornament by the way. Your girls are so cute!

  2. Oh my gosh! That pizza looks absolutely amazing right now! I love the photo of Poe with the towels on her head! I used to do that when I was younger too haha!
    Have a great weekend!
    xo April
    April | April Everyday

  3. that pizza looks heavenly!

    xx nikki

  4. Love all these pictures
    your girls are growing up so fast.
    that pepper looks delicious!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  5. Why are there no comments yet on this beautiful post? Love every photo!