Wednesday, February 6


These are little snippets from the last week or so. 
This weekend I fixed my accordion.  It's been broken for quite some time and I've been playing a heavy beast in its place... which translates to not really playing at all.  It's good to have it back.

We've been taking advantage of the warmer days when we get them.  Walks up to the ice cream shop have been topping our "pretend it's Spring" list of things to do.

Hope had another gymnastics meet.  She was ecstatic that there were medals in place of the ribbons this time.

I learned not to get in a sticky ball (or gum drops, as we called them as kids) fight with Hope.  She is ruthless.


  1. Hope is totally kicking but with gymnastics! Are we going to see her in the future olympics? :-)

    Also you play the accordion??? Thats awesome!
    I am so so so jealous of your warmer days! Its been freezing in DC! I met with a friend today at a cupcake shop and we took our kids outside to play at the park and walked right back into anthro 5 mins later because the winds literally hurt our skin! Praying warm weather comes soon. Judah is getting stir crazy!

  2. Your accordion is so pretty! Love the colours!!!
    And I really like the elephant! Where did you get it from?

  3. Cute photos! That outfit with the polka-dot blouse looks beautiful, you are one stylish mom!

  4. I love all these photos, they are really lovely! xx

  5. So... just how hard is it to play an accordion. It's been a long time since I played any musical instrument, and never really got far with the piano or guitar, but part of me so wants to try the accordion - I love them! Yours is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. This post made me really happy. My grandma is a long-time accordian player and now my husband has one he plays to add extended notes to the background of his music. So fun!
    Also, I remember going to my aunts house as a child and LOVING her wicker elephant (just like yours). Memories are flooding back. :)


  7. It's nice to see someone else named Hope! I have never met anyone else with that name, your daughter is so cute!

  8. I love your Snapshots posts...

    Congrats to Hope! That's great!


  9. So cool! Congrats to Hope on getting some medals! That is such a fun feeling.

    Haha I love that she is ruthless about gum drops. How cute.

  10. Beautiful pictures! I love these posts :)

  11. oh boy I bet Hope was excited for medals....SO much more exciting than ribbons!

  12. Love that hat! Great photos! Ice cream dates are the best!


  13. Accordions and ice cream reminds me of my last trip to France...we were eating ice cream in the cutest ice cream parlor and in the distance can hear the accordion play. It was ridiculously perfect. I really want to learn the accordion too!

  14. you play accordion? O_O WOW!! that's totally cool. isn't it really hard to play?

    love, x
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  15. I just LOVE your hair. It's GORGEOUS!!!!!