Friday, October 28

Feature Friday: Baby On The Way

No, no... I do not have a baby on the way.  Let's just make that VERY clear.  I love my baby to pieces, but no more babies for Katie.  I'm talking about my friend Rachel's new e-course "Baby on the Way".  I've had the pleasure of seeing it first hand and I have to say, it's SO good!  I'm not just saying that because I love the gal, either.  It really has so many great projects!  My favorite part about this e-course is that it's not just for expecting families.  I plan on doing most of the projects for Poesy, and maybe a couple for some extra special baby gifts for friends.
 Before I dove in I was feeling a little intimidated by all of the sewing that I thought I would need to do, but the projects are ones that I feel I can tackle... which is saying a lot for me, because I am pretty good these days at the hand stitching, but I am no expert when it comes to the sewing machine.

Anyway, I thought this course was so sweet that I wanted to share.  I'm pretty excited about the baby Christmas gifts I'll be sewing up this year.  Watch out, Poesy... mama's going for a handmade Christmas!  ;)

I hope your weekend is just wonderful, friends!  xoxo Katie

P.S.  I keep forgetting to announce the giveaway winner, so here she is:

P.P.S.  Did any of you see the end of that baseball game last night?  It was way too intense for me, but I'm glad the Cardinals won.  It makes my husband very happy.  ;)


  1. I'm thinking about getting this as a gift for a friend w/a little one coming! :)

    And although I didn't watch the game, I hit refresh about a thousand times on my computer to see the score. My husband is a HUGE Cardinals fan too, but he's on the road with the band he works for right now and was watching it from his iPhone sidestage! Ha! I hope they win tomorrow. It makes my husband very happy too. ;)

  2. I featured her e-course on my blog too! It looks so great. I loved making things for my baby (who's about Poesy's age) and am still making things for her. It would even make a great gift itself if you have a friend that loves to sew and is expecting!


  3. I don't have any babies in my life to make things for, but I love the color scheme she chose for her projects :)
    That baseball game was insane! So happy for the St. Louis fans, it must have been the most exciting game to be in attendance for!

  4. All of the projects look so sweet and unique.

    And oh my gosh the Cards game was intense. I tuned in when it was 4 to 4 and from then on it was crazy and stressful, but wow, what a game!


  5. Hey katie!! So funny you mentioned the game :) My brother is a baseball sport's agent and Albert Pujols is one of his clients. He's been there the whole series...very exciting stuff!

  6. That was the best baseball game of our lifetime. I'm super proud to be from St. Louis!

    If I had a lick of talent and/or a baby on the way, I would be all over this. Everything looks gorgeous and homespun and something I'd be proud to show off.... if I could sew. ha!

  7. oh i bought this and already made the quilt already! i knew i wanted to make a quilt for my baby girl on the way so i was extra excited that Rachel launched this e-course last week - perfect timing!

    check out pics here if you want:

    highly recommended! bibs and changing pads are nexgt on my agenda!

    rsmryx at gmail dot com

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