Friday, October 14

Feature Friday: Favorites

1.  I can't believe it's taken me this long to blog about it, but my dear friend Vanessa from The Velvet Bird has started making some of the prettiest clothes!  She was sending me peeks throughout the process and I'm so excited about the lovely collection she produced!

2.  These hat stands from Mandy of Here's Looking at Me Kid are so good!  I've been needing some more hat storage, so you better believe I'll be making some of these!

 3.  I'm pretty sure everything on the Cakies blog could send you into cute overload, but these photos of Rubyellen and True are just darling!  I love Mommy-daughter photos.  I think Hope and I will have to do some next week!

4.  I meant to blog about this last week and totally forgot, but Elycia made the Red Velvet Girls into an adorable illustration!  I squealed a little when I saw it.  Thank you, Elycia!!

***She also did a very cute hairbow video, with a great method for shorter hair!  If you have shorter hair you should definitely check it out.

5.  I'm very thankful for this Pumpkin Seed how-to from Strumpet's Crumpets because (even though I may be in the minority here) I ALWAYS burn my pumpkin seeds.  Now I at least have a CHANCE at success.  ;)

I have some exciting things coming up next week!  I'm deeming it unofficial fashion week here on Skunkboy Creatures, complete with extra outfit posts and maybe even a DIY or two!
Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your weekend is wonderful!!  xoxo Katie

P.S.  The winner for the My Sweet November Giveaway is:
I've sent your email address over to Candy and she will be getting with you shortly!  <3


  1. Oh those clothes are absolutely fabulous! She's so talented!!

  2. the velvet birds collection is so stunning! i love the plaid dress with the big brown bow!

    <3 steffy

  3. such pretty clothes!! I love them! and that hat stand idea is brilliant!

    so happy you like the drawing katie :) thanks for the shout out! (do people still say "shout out"?) ha!

    have a great friday!

  4. Awww thank you! Including me in such a wonderful group of gals!! Elycia's drawings are AMAZING!! Completely LOVE The Velvet Bird's clothes!
    Thank you sweet lady! Have a lovely weekend with your girls and fellow!

  5. aw love the cute little cartoon of you guys:)

  6. i love cakies! and that drawing is so great of you all.

  7. Such fantastic links! I love the second dress from Velvet birds! I think I need it! So lovely! Thanks for sharing! :) -Lo

  8. I love the Velvet Birds clothing line!! *swoon*and I love Elycia's drawing of the Red Velvet girls!! It's just darling!

  9. I love the velvet bird illustration, it's so darling! And oooh, mommy daughter posts! <3

  10. oh WOW! I love the collar on that second dress! To die for!

  11. I love the hatstands. Now I'm going to have to buy some hats so I have an excuse to make them!

  12. The Velvet Bird clothes are amazing, so so gorgeous! I want all of them!


  13. The blue dress is my favorite! She is so talented. xo Nessa

  14. That collar on the green and white dress is to. die. for. (!!)

    Stephanie May*

  15. OMG can't beleive I found ur blog !! U'r the girl with the lovely plush-deer!!!!!!!!
    Love love love ur creatures.....i think i gotta have one in my collection..

    x x x Susi

  16. more girlsss creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!