Monday, October 4

Music Monday: Fort Christmas

Maybe I'm a little biased, because I know Jeremy personally and I think
he's a really cool guy, but his new side project Fort Christmas is just
great.  Please have a little listen:

If you love it, you should stop by and let him know! 
I mean, who doesn't love to hear great things about their hard work? 
:)  xoxo Katie


  1. i swear there's a dolphin leaping in that spray string!

  2. I love it too, and I already posted it on my blog. :)

  3. Aww! It's such a sweet song!! :] They are such a cute couple too :]

    Thanks for sharing Katie!!

  4. Okay, a pretty random question, but whatever happened to the kitten you had a year or two back? I looove kitties and remembered you had one curious :) Adore Jeremys music btw, he's so incredibly talented!

  5. not totally my style but sounds cool, nice sharing :)

  6. I've been playing his salvation club record all week.

    great tunes for sure! He is very talented.