Thursday, October 7


Sometimes in life taking care of yourself becomes last priority.  It really is easy to make sure everyone else is taken care of, but when it comes to yourself, how much do YOU get pampered?  I've been thinking about this in my life lately, (which has a little to do with sparse blogging) and not loving the answers I find all of the time.  I have, in fact, been taking a little more time for me, and family (and naps!), and I'm discovering how much more well-adjusted I seem.  I guess that's 1 more step in the right direction to becoming an 'actual adult'!  ;)

So, we've been making more time for things like baking...

...just for fun sewing...

...playing with, and customizing dolls...

...spending time OUT of the house...

...and enjoying the gorgeous weather!

What about you?  What do you unwind?  xoxo Katie


  1. I love to cross-stitch and embroider to get my mind off of things. I just finished a dress that was fun to make. I love to sit and listen to music and unwind while crafting. We all need that time. Especially as mommies.

  2. Love this post!!
    Everything about it :)
    xo, Jamie

  3. I like to sew to calm down :) but when I really need me time I usually just vege out infront of the tv!

    Love and Turtledoves,

  4. Quilting or knitting or anything else that gives me an outlet for creative expression. Cooking and baking sometimes too. It's so hard to find that balance between taking care of yourself and others...

  5. oh my! if i had thought of coloring my barbies hair.. there would not have been single blonde. such a great idea. you have the cutest blythes!

  6. you look adorable! connecting with family is always a number one for me and since you sew so often it's probably nice to step away for a bit.
    have a great weekend!!

  7. sounds like fun. our ghostie got to us very quickly, and she is just adorable!!! thank you so much. :)

  8. I loved this post and it was super inspiring :).

    I love to go outside and go on a long walk, it's the thing I enjoy most when I need to relax and clear my mind!


  9. I drive around and listen to music when I'm stir-crazy :) I also find that playing with my Blythes calms me down immensely :o)

  10. Are you dying your Blythes' hair?! HAHA I love you.

    I think its fantastic that you are having *you* time. Especially with your little bundle on the way. You go, girl <3

  11. To me, watching something funny on my laptop is the ultimate recharger. Cooking calms me down, funny charges me up! I can't sit down and "veg out" (read) when I get home unless I've cooked something.

  12. OMG the Blythe's hair turned out so cute! Glad you're taking more time for yourself. It's always so hard for mamas but so necessary when they're the glue of the family. :) I don't have any kids yet myself, but I love taking my dog to the dog park. Its so soothing to see all those happy pups! :)

  13. Phone off, TV off, music on (preferably an embarrassing album from my teenage years), drink tea, knit.

    I can't begin to imagine how hard it must be running a family and a business all from home, but maybe it might cheer you up to know that whenever you do find time to blog, you inspire so many of us, but it's OK if you don't have time, we totally understand :)

  14. Are those cookie press cookies that I spy?! I love making them every Christmas and decorating each one in a different way. I love sprinkles. I got a cookie press for my birthday last year. Glad to see you're resting. I should have made something for the bake sale. Fail. Katie, you're a great mom! I hope you never forget that.

  15. Love your blog! I noticed the pic of your girls getting a hair soak and wondered how you wash/treat their hair. I just got my first Blythe and I'm finding contradicting info on the web.