Thursday, October 28

Wee People!

Ohmygoodness... Free People has started making kids clothing!  I'm so excited!  Hope may be getting a pretty or two for Christmas.  ;)

Eeek!  They are so adorable!  
Do you have any lovelies already on your list? xo Katie


  1. how gorgeous are the clothes, they are just adorable!!
    I may just be writing pennys letter to father christmas!

  2. Aww!!! How darling!!!
    I can't wait for Christmas!!!
    I just started my Christmas shopping and it will be hard not to distribute them early!! ;)
    Have a lovely day,

  3. How lovely!! I bet it's SOO expensive, but SO cute!!

  4. gorgeous!! :)

  5. So adorable! I was so excited to finally see this. I work at a free people store, and my manager got invited to a winter preview fashion show with all the other free people store managers. she said cried when the kids came out. i don't believe the clothes will be available in stores, but online-only, but I'm expecting a lot of people will come in and ask for them.

  6. Those are just to adorable. I know what I am getting my niece this year So darling.

  7. How cute are these! I got so excited when I saw this post--thank you for sharing! these are as cute as the marc jacobs kids line... <3

  8. I love FP, and now I wish I had a tiny niece or cousin to buy this for!! SO CUTE!

  9. I knowwwwww!!! I just got the magazine the other day and it was an awesome surprise when I got to that section!! everything is adorable. If you get Hope any outfits you should definitely share the photos with us and let us know if you like the clothes in person!