Friday, April 30

Friday Smile Makers

Happy Friday, friends!  We have a fun night planned with our besties, but first, I want to share some smile makers from my week.  :)

Hope lost a tooth at school, sold it to the tooth fairy, and then decided she wanted it back!
She got it back, too!  ;)

This pretty face surprised me this morning:

Making things I love is so satisfying:

This album:

My happy kitchen:

What's making you happy this week?

xoxo Katie

P.S.  I am sloooooowly sending out pen pal partners, so if you haven't received yours, don't panic!  It's coming, I promise!  :))


  1. you have great eyebrows!! and hair!! :)

  2. I just posted my weekly installment of things that make my smile over on my bloggy.

    ps; your eyebrows are pretty amazing. <3

  3. Can i still sign up for the pen pall swap?

    love Bregje from holland
    PS i adore your work!

  4. your kid is adorable!

    and LOVE that album was listening to it just today during my workout

  5. UGH that unicorn is AMAZING!


  6. What a cutie! Love the losing teeth stage, we are at the braces stage :)
    The unicorn is adorable!
    I just realized that I wanted a pen pal but didn't email you :( do I still get one?
    and for the record YOU are gorgeous!

  7. how do you do your makeup?! love the eyes!

  8. I have to admit, I have a bit of a crush on your eyebrows now that others have pointed them out to me.

  9. things that make me happy well i only have one and its ONE MORE WEEK TILL SCHOOLS OUT!!! yeah it makes me smile so much

  10. katie, i very sadly can't participate in the penpal swap now. im sorry to say, but would it be possible to withdraw my name?
    i would have loved to be a part of it, but I suddenly have had a lot of things spring up, and i won't be able to give my penpal the great letters they deserve.


  11. dolly is so fabulous! you lucky girl!!! you need a kenny rogers doll so they can sing Islands in the Stream.

  12. I would love to get in on the pen pal dealie too. I remember seeing something, but obviously I missed it before!


  13. Love the letter to the tooth fairy... its a piece of art!