Monday, April 19

Music Monday: Jeremy Enigk

Jeremy Enigk.  You are the voice of my young adulthood.  Your songs are, and were, the soundtrack to so many major happenings in my life.  You are magic.

I got to see Sunny Day Real Estate play in a small club back in 2000.  We stood in the rain for an hour and a half waiting for the doors to open.  I have to say, it was one of the most amazing shows I've ever been to.  Every single person in that club was there to see them play.  There was no talking, or sloshing drinks around, just people intently focused on the band playing their songs, and inadvertently tugging on the heartstrings of every person in the room.  It was so special.

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Oh, and remember this picture of mine?

It's Sunny Day Real Estate's LP2 (or "The Pink Album").  Wonderful.  Have a great night!  I hope you enjoy this edition.


  1. God I LOVE him and SDRE. So the music of my youth too. Love this post, as usual!


  2. I LOVE Sunny Day! I just got to see them in November during their 'reunion' tour! I've heard some rumors around the internet that they're working on a new album... Very excited!

  3. Love love love SDRE! I need to get in to some of his solo stuff, sounds like he's great.

  4. YES YES YES Jeremy Enigk!
    I have not listened to him in *cough* years. THANK YOU for reminding me to do so!

  5. YES! sunny day forever. and jeremy's solo stuff, even. j'nuh was a staple on just about every mixtape i made in highschool. i have a feeling that if i made weekly music posts ours would be similar.

  6. I really liked, Katie!
    Have a good week!

  7. I think you are the only person who ever posts music posts that I am always in agreement with! You have such good taste!!! ;)

    Jeremy's solo stuff & SDRE also are spun throughout the web of my youth. My husband and I went to as many shows as humanly and financially possible when we were younger. We even got to see them after such a long time just last October (with the Jealous Sound - I LOVE them, too!) at the Downtown Disney House of Blues show they did.

    Have a great week!